Top 20 Best Beer Brands in India To Drink

Beer is very popular amongst youngsters in India, because it contains low alcohol amount than whisky. India has quite a considerable number of breweries, which manufacture several leading brands of the beer in the country itself. Additionally, numerous international brands of beer are also available readily in the Indian market. Both Indian and international brands enjoy huge popularity in the market.

List of Most popular beer brands in India

20. Knock Out

Knock Out

Knock Out is an Indian Brand and the brand is famous for the strong beer. The beer is available across the country and it contains 8% alcohol which makes it really strong. It is one of the highest selling beer is some parts of the country.

19. Kings


Though it sounds similar to the famous beer brand Kingfisher,   Kings is an entirely different brand, which is local to the state of Goa. Known to be of good quality and surprisingly low price, this beer brand caters to the tourists of Goa. It has a very mild and smoky flavor and 4.85% alcohol content.

18. Cobra


Cobra is another premium brand of India which contains 4.8% alcohol. The Beer is manufactured in United Kingdom and China. The drink is famous for the smoothness and it is known that 4 types of hops is used in the production of this beer.

17. Jaipur Lager

Jaipur Lager

The Beer consists of 5.9% alcohol and the beer is famous for the carbonation. The brand was in cepted in a city in Rajasthan and as the name suggests, the name of the city was Jaipur. This is one of the widely consumed beer in state of Rajasthan.

16. Corona


The next name on the list of top 10 beer brands in India is that of Coors, which comes from a Mexican brewery called Cerveceria Modelo. The beer is a global hit, being sold in nearly 170 countries including India.

15. Taj Mahal Indian Lager

Taj Mahal Indian Lager

This is another premium brand and the beer is also exported out of India. One of the country where this beer is exported is United Kingdom. The beer contains 4.8% alcohol and the beer is known to have a light flavor.

14. Maharaja

maharaja beer

This beer is known for is rich flavor and it is one of the highest rated beer available in the market. This is surely the King of all the beers. The beer is known to have a citrus flavor and it is easily available in Indian and international markets.

13. Foster Lager

Foster Lager

Another well known beer brand in India is Foster Lager, which is manufactured by the Australia based Fosters Group. The pale lager, which has 5.2% alcohol content has a great fan following all around the globe on account of its distinctive taste.

12. Godfather


Godfather is a strong beer and it contains 7.5% alcohol. The beer gives an instant hit. Even with its high alcohol content, the beer doesn’t smells strong and the beer is not bitter either. The flavors are quite prominent and enjoyable.

11. Kalyani Black Label

Kalyani Black Label

Next in the list of top 10 beer brands in India is Kalyani Black Label, which si also one of the oldest beer brands here. The mild distinctive variety of beer comes in two options, Premium and Strong. This is the best selling beer in Delhi, Kolkata and the Eastern states.

10. Bullet


The drink consists of 6 to 8% of alcohol and the beer is brewed in Rajasthan. The drink has strong flavors and it is known to be quite bitter hence it is not for the first timers. A good quality grainy hop is used in the manufacturing process which further enhances the flavor.

9. Carlsberg


The world famous beer brand Carlsberg has a great demand in the Indian market. This Denmark based company first manufactured Carlsberg beer in 1847 and it continues to be a popular brand all over the world.

8. Budweiser


Featuring next among the top 10 beer brands in India is the lager beer brand of Budweiser, which is manufactured by a Brazilian Belgian company called Anheuser Busch In Bev and dates back to 1876. It is made up with rice and barley malt.

7. Heineken


Heineken is a popular international beer brand now available in India. Produced by Heineken International, a Dutch manufacturer, this is a mild beer which has 5% alcohol content and is manufactured using barley malts, yeast, hops and pure water.

6. Haywards


Featuring next on the list of top 10 beer brands in India is Haywards, which is a brand under the international beer maker SAB Miller. The main product of this brand Haywards 5000, which is a strong variety, while lighter variants like Haywards 2000 and Haywards Black are also available.

5. Royal Challenge

Royal Challenge

Royal Challenge is another popular beer brand in India, which has an extra full bodied taste owing to its longer brewing time, as suggested by its tagline “Brewed Stronger Brewed Better”. This brand has a large demand in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

4. Kingfisher


Despite the invasion of the beer market by a large number of Indian and international beer brands, Kingfisher-The King of Good Times continues to be the undisputed leader. With its mild taste and plenty of malt, the brand continues to rule the hearts of discerning beer lovers of India. It is manufactured by United Breweries, which is the largest producer of beer in the country.

3. Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle contains 4.8% alcohol and the beer is manufactured in Chennai in South India. This was one of the highest selling beer in Indian market before Kingfisher captured the major market share. The beer has a strong flavor to match Indian taste buds.

2. Flying horse

Flying horse

The beer contains 4.7% alcohol and Flying Horse is brewed in Karnataka. The beer is known to have a fruity taste and the beer is not very strong. The fruit flavor makes it a popular choice among people. It is said to be a royal beer.

1. Sand Piper

Sand Piper

Sand Piper is brewed in Maharashtra and it is one of the most widely consumed beer in Mahabaleshwar. The drink has a crispy flavor of caramel and nuts and it is not a very strong beer which makes it a perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Some other popular beer brands in India are Guinness, Crown Lager, Coors Lite and Miller Lite.

How To Choose The Best Beer in India

Choosing the right beer can be a matter of personal preference, but here are some factors to consider when making your selection:

1. Flavor profile: Beers can range from light and crisp to rich and complex. Consider the flavors you enjoy, such as hops, malt, or fruit notes, and look for beers that match those preferences.

2. Beer style: Different beer styles have their own unique characteristics, such as bitterness, sweetness, and alcohol content. Research the various styles, such as lagers, ales, stouts, and IPAs, and try different ones to see which you prefer.

3. Alcohol content: Be aware of the alcohol content of the beer you choose. Higher alcohol content beers can be stronger in flavor and can have a greater impact on how you feel after drinking.

4. Serving temperature: Different beers are best served at different temperatures. For example, lighter beers are typically served cold, while darker beers are best at slightly warmer temperatures.

5. Food pairing: Consider the food you plan to have with your beer. Some beers pair well with certain foods, such as lighter beers with salads and seafood, and heavier beers with meats and stews.

6. Brewery reputation: Check the reputation of the brewery and read reviews of the beer you’re considering. This can give you an idea of the quality and taste of the beer.

Remember, taste is subjective, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different beers and styles to find what you enjoy the most.

Beer Vs. Whiskey: Comparison




Type of beverage Fermented Distilled
Alcohol content Lower (typically 4-7%) Higher (typically 40-50%)
Serving size Larger (typically 12-16 oz) Smaller (typically 1.5-2 oz)
Taste Can be light or dark, with a range of flavors Strong, distinctive taste, often with notes of wood and smoke
Drinking occasions Social events, casual gatherings Formal events, celebrations
Pairings Goes well with a range of foods, including pub fare, burgers, and pizza Often paired with cheese, chocolate, or cigars
Brewing/Distilling process Made from grains and hops, brewed and fermented Distilled from fermented grain mash, aged in oak barrels
Health considerations Contains some vitamins and antioxidants, but high calorie content Can have cardiovascular benefits in moderation, but high calorie content
Cost Can vary widely depending on brand and style Can be expensive, with premium options costing hundreds of dollars per bottle

Pros and Cons of drinking Beer

One of the most common or real things people say about beer is that it makes you fat and hence the term “beer belly” is commonly said. As the whole beer contains little to no fat and there are plenty of beer diets out there that you can use to stay fit and be thin.


  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases: Many studies have proved that the moderate beer drinkers are protected from cardiovascular heart diseases.
  • Creativity: After having beer you think that you are very creative and intelligent thoughts are coming into your mind.
  • Kidney Stones: It can reduce the risks of developing the stones in the kidney because the consumption of beer will improve the urinary system.
  • Strengthening the bones: It can also help in increasing the bone density that will protect you from having fractures.
  • Glows on Your Skin: It helps in making your skin glow very well.
  • Hair Quality Improved: Studies had proven that washing your hairs with beer gives you silky shine hairs and also increases the right growth of the hairs.


  • Blood Pressure: As compared with the normal man who does not drink beer has low blood pressure to the man who drinks beer daily. Beer and wine, both are very responsible for increasing the blood pressure.
  • Accidents: Beer or alcohol causes dizziness and stops the functionality of the brain that causes unconsciousness condition which will lead to the Accidents.
  • Rapes: Most of the rape cases are caused due to alcohol. Beer or alcohol causes dizziness and stops the functionality of the brain that causes unconsciousness conditions which will lead to rape.
  • Gastric Problems: Excess of Alcoholic Consumption leads to gastric cancer in men,which is proven in many studies.
  • Risk to Breast Cancer in women: Most of the cases that come of breast cancer are due to alcohol consumption by women. Many studies have shown that Women who drank beer or alcohol had risk of developing breast cancer.

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