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A privacy policy is an integral part of every website, and is no exception to this rule. The website works with the aim of transparency, which is the reason it gives a comprehensive overview of the privacy policy to its readers, who trust it to get complete information of the current events and top news around the world. To Learn More about the privacy policy of the website, the readers need to simply get in touch with us and have a look at the policy mentioned on our site. Additionally, they can ask any questions regarding it and we will provide relevant answers and details to them. We work with the aim to provide genuine and complete information to our readers and gain their trust in this way. Our privacy policy document indicates the info provided by as as well as how we make use of it.

Log Files Used by

As a rule, employs log files for the purpose of gathering information about the site usage, which is alter used to study the market trends and pattern of usage of the website. More specifically, we collect details regarding ISP, web protocol, date and time and referring page clicks using theses log files. In this way, we track down the movements of the users of the website and check out the market statistics, which help us in site management.

DART Cookies Utility by

In addition to using log files, makes use of DART cookies to learn more about the pages visited by the site users, including the number of times these pages of the site have been viewed by them. Also, these cookies give the idea about the browsers used by site visitors. Another utility of DART cookies is that they help put up ads on the site. Additionally, we can help the users invalidate cookies.

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