Top 10 Best Scotch Whiskey Brands In India

Scotch as the well-garnished whiskey earns the top spot when we all want to say goodbye to tension and stress, the best way to enjoy party mood without any tension is to pour pegs of Scotch. The story for World has seen no change in India as booze lovers tagged scotch as the best available option to skip from the usual world and enjoy the top rated taste of the drink with friends. Seen a great popularity in the recent years, companies with high-grade popularity in manufacturing are heading towards India to provide the nation mates the best taste and to grab the available market.

Want to sip a Scotch right now, hang on after telling its rehab bad mood quality, we will also discuss the top available brands that are worth money. If you are the first timer or want to invest the large share of money for great taste, we have combined the best available brands for Scotch in India.

The ranking of these brands is cycled as per the survey on taste and their happy mood effect for a longer period of time.

10. Director’s Special 

Director’s Special

It was wrong to say that international brands are counting big appreciation for scotch lovers in India, as this particular brand called as the Director’s Special is popular for high-class texture and content. The Brand is easily available with PAN India, the company is in the field since 1988 and carries share from the Indian Alcoholic King Mallya. There are other boozing options available under the name United Spirits Limited Whiskey, the decorative bottle is a great option for gifting.

Price Range: 750ml bottle INR 400

9. 8 PM 

8 pm

One more Indian name and brand in the list is enjoying its position as one of the popular name as Scotch Brand since 1999, the company is not old but smart advertising and taste combined well to become one of the popular names for Scotch Lovers. 8 PM is known as one of the best brand highly popular in rural and small town across India, the secret behind the success of 8 PM is its affordable range and high-quality content.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 300

8. Ballantine’s 17 Years Blended Scotch 

Ballantine’s 17 Years Blended Scotch

The classical taste lover of whiskey and scotch will surely go with Ballantine’s 17 years blended Scotch, the process that takes an entire decade will surely hamper you the best available taste with high content. The perfectly blended taste of Scotch offered many awards for the brand as Best Whisky of the year, you want to taste the best from scotch than this Ballantine’s Scotch is worth a try.

Price INR Range: 12,000 per Bottle

7. Imperial Blue 

Imperial Blue

French are known as the best tastemakers, so is the belief for Scotch brands, Imperial Blue the perfect partner for every cocktail party. The tagline “Men Will be Men” and there smart advertising has made the brand a well-known name. The Whiskey (Scotch) enjoys the position as the best available single malt whiskey brand in India. There are different delicious taste options available as the whiskey in India was launched under Seagram.

Price Range:  750ml Bottle INR 400

6. Old Tavern 

Old Tavern

The rural brand of whiskey is loved by masses in India, the tag attached to the brand does not mean that it belongs to the rural masses as the great taste of Old Tavern marks it one of the best Whiskey in Africa. The great taste of the brand is mated well great flavor and blended with a smooth texture that offers fantastic party mood. The brand is exported to many world parts with lovers across the globe.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 5000

5. Original Choice 

Original Choice

The developer of Original Choice popularly known as John Distilleries calls it a best available option as whiskey that is marked with the significance of great taste with original and genuine texture. Goa has named the brand as the best available choice for the whiskey lovers, the choice matters as Goa stand as people enjoy the drink very much.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 640

4. Bagpiper


A bagpiper is again one of the well-known brands thanks to its soda water advertising on Television sets, Bagpiper is known as one of the oldest Whiskey Brands in India and call themselves as the first company to come up in India with the idea of Whiskey. Bagpiper brand enjoys a well-deserved name and fame at International level with a gradual grab over Indian taste.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 592

3. Royal Stag

Royal Stag

Another French developed whiskey in the list enjoys its existence as one of the best available choices in the list, the brand is owned by Pernod Richard. The secret behind the great heights of the company is a mixture of single imported Scotch Mails with well Indian Grain Spirits. Royal Stag Whiskey comes in different bottles with “Artificial Flavors” mark.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 570

2. Officer’s Choice 

Officer’s Choice

The brand is popular amongst the alcoholic people with name OC, the Whiskey carries a combination of Malt Spirits and Indian Spirits that marks a great taste combination. The brand is owned by Kishore Chabaria and as the name suggest, it’s the top available choice for army officials.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 392

1. Mcdowell No 1

Mcdowell No 1

The best available scotch flavored Whiskey brand in India, Mcdowell No 1 is available in different packaging and variants. The best of the party are incomplete without the blended taste of the whiskey, on occasions of festivals special gifts pack are launched that can be gifted to friends with best wishes.

Price Range: 750ml Bottle INR 680

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