Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India 2018

Brandy is amongst the favorite drinks among discerning drinkers around the world, which is revered for its unique flavor derived from age and quality of the amazing drink. Brandy, which literally means “burnt wine” in Dutch, is created by distillation of fermented fruit juices by aging them in oak casks. The drink gets its distinctive color from the caramel added to it or because of the casks in which it is stored. The Indian market today, has a large variety in beer brands, which are adjudged on the basis of their age, quality and price.

Here are the list of top 10 best quality brandy brands available in India with price:

10. Golden Grape

golden grape

This is a brandy with a special blend of flavor of fruits which had made the brand favorite of all the age groups and gender. It is being liked by everyone in the parties for its different texture and taste. The taste of the fruits is simply great and makes it more appealing to have it. One could not hold oneself after having one glass of it. It is one of the most affordable and fine liquor to serve on the parties. This brandy is made after doing the proper ageing of it which makes it finer for its lovers. Its 750 ml bottle cost around Rs 250.

9. John Exshaw

john exshaw

This brandy is made in France. The texture of it is aromatic and it makes the person feel on the top when it takes them due to the richness of the fruit-flavor. This is the reason it is so much osn the demand during the parties, events and functions. It is one of the finest brandy known in the world and is used often for the parties. It is being imported all over the world to have them. It is one of the top class brands and is highly sold among all. Cost around Rs 295 for a bottle of 750ml.

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8. Courvoisier


This brandy is of the Beam Suntory Group. The French label which lies on it, takesus back to the Napoleon time. The barrel on it is handmade from the best of the craftsmanship. It is being consumed by varied customers of different age group and is known best for the celebration parties due to its unique style. It is being used in the entertainment industry for the purpose of popping. For Rs 350 one can get around 750 ml.

7. Remy Martin

remy martin

This is the French brand made on the location of Cognac which is known to be the heart of France. It is made from the high quality of grapes that are grown in the region of Cognac on its rich soil. The specialty of them is to keep them till they complete the age of 10 year and maximum up to the age of 37 years. It has the awesome taste. An awesome logo is there on its bottle with the golden color which is its uniqueness and shines to tell that it is the supreme of all. Cost around Rs 360 for 750 ml.

6. Hennessy


This is made by the company Richard Hennessy. It is one of the best selling brands of Cognac. It has the rich combination of cognacs and then sorted in a fine manner. It is known to be the best of all, the Cognacs brand.It has the best of flavor which no other brand could beat. This brand is known all over the world for its continuous reputation and quality of taste from long time. This brand has its own authentic taste which no other brand could have. Its price is Rs 380 for a bottle of 750ml.

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