Top 10 Best Gin Brands in India

What comes to your mind when I say, Gin? Here’s my guess, the 18th birthday party, or your friend’s bachelor’s trip or the hangover three days after your college graduation celebration! Whatever might be your stories after drinking Gin, it is safe to say that Gin is the most amazing tasting and boozing Alcoholic drink in the world. Made from the Juniper Berries cultivated in the United States of America, Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink, which was originally a medicated drink, discovered in Holland. Most people know that there exists an ample of different Gin flavors, but what they don’t know is the fact that every Gin has Juniper in common.

Gin has the capacity to spice up any of your parties and celebrations by adding the right amount of alcohol. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is just about right if you gift your boyfriend a bottle of Gin.

Read on and discover top 10 Gin Brands and their prices.

10. Magellan

Magellan gin

The Magellan Gin gets its name from the great human who is believed to have traveled across the globe, Ferdinand de Magellan. It is said that Magellan brought cloves while returning from Spain and it became the first inspiration for Gin makers. The Magellan Gin includes- Cloves, Juniper, Iris, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cassia, Coriander, Licorice, Nutmeg and Orange peel. All of these are naturally occurring ingredients, yet it gives the most modern touch to an otherwise London Dry Gin. The blue colored Magellan Gin is a great option.

Price- INR 1700

9. 3

3 gin

A Berry Bros, & Rudd, Oldest Spirit and Wine Merchant product, the No. 3 is a classic London Dry Gin made of oldest known Gin preparing method. Unlike others on the list, it is exclusively made of Juniper and nothing much other than that. The classic, yet oldest London Dry Gin flavor that No. 3 has, gives is what people like most about it. The distilled London Dry Gin is made of three other flavored spices that add to its flavor as well as nutritional values.

Price- INR 3179

8. Broker’s

Broker's gin

The first ever England made Gin, the Broker’s was made 20 years ago in 1998 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Just after 20 years of its manufacturing, the Broker’s is already the most sought-after Gin brand in the World. The Broker’s Gin has is famously known for its unique distillation process. Unlike other Gin brands, the Broker’s distillates its savory flavored Gin not once but quadruple times. The Broker’s Gin is a blend of Wheat along with Juniper and other spices which makes it one of the best Gins in India. After the fourth distillation comes the final and last distillation turn where the actual taste of Gin takes its form by giving it the signature robust herbal flavor.

Price: INR

7. Ford’s Gin

Ford's Gin

Before talking about the classic taste of the Ford’s Gin, here is a little appreciation for the Ford’s Gin bottle. Its transparent and clear bottle with classic white and green labels adds to reasons why this Gin brand is worth its price. The Ford’s Gin is a blend of nine natural ingredients that includes- Juniper, Orange zest, Coriander, Grapefruit, Lemon, Oric, Jasmine, Cassia, and Angelica. The Grapefruit is responsible for it’s out of the box taste.

Price- INR

6. Hendrick’s


The Hendrick’s Gin is not just a heaven to taste but a sight to behold for its classy looking broad shaped all black bottles. The Hendrick’s uses two styles of preparing the Gin, both of which includes distillation but opposite flavors. The first blend is allowed to sit for 24 hours before mixing it with the second. The first blend includes- Bennett still, grain alcohol and tonic water all mixed together in definite ratios. The second blend includes all the botanical ingredients. This is enough to explain why the Hendricks has the distinctive flavor and that is the unique blending. It also includes a gist of rising essence to add heaven to its aroma.

Price- INR 6080

5. Gordon’s


This is one of the age-old Gins in the World, created in London back in 1769. This is a classic London Dry Gin which uses the same old distillation and blending method to keeps its originality the same as ever. The only difference is that the Gordon’s Gin is distilled thrice to obtain its original flavor. There is a fun fact behind the making of Gordon’s Gin, that it includes another flavor apart from the Juniper. This secret ingredient is only known to 12 people in the entire world. I guess, the secret ingredient is what makes it even more exotic.

Price- INR 1909

4. The Bombay Sapphire

The Bombay Sapphire

This might be the only Gin in the world which has a smooth taste and not the burning sensation in the throat that leaves it dry. The Bombay Sapphire comes in a Sapphire-like blue colored bottle. It is made from 10 handpicked exclusively botanical ingredients only. The Bombay Sapphire is most preferred amongst its users for its versatility that makes it go with martinis, adventure drinks or even neat on the rocks. This is a light-spirited, floral tasting London Dry Gin, fit for your daily dose of booze.

Price: INR 2499

3. Beefeater

Beefeater gin

Made in the United Kingdom, the Beefeater is amusingly on the top 3 of our list. The unique feature of the Beefeater Gin, by James Burrough, is that it is distilled with 100% Grain Spirit, from 1862. The Beefeater Gin uses nine Botanical ingredients, which includes, Seville Oranges, Orris Roots, Almonds, Angelica seeds & roots, Liquorices all of which are unique to Beefeater Gin alone. All the nine botanical ingredients are steeped for an entire day before beginning the process of distillation. After 8 hours of distillation, it is sent to Scotland for further blending which produces the desired savory Beefeater flavor.

Price- INR 1501

2. Tanqueray


The classic London Dry Gin, the Tanqueray Gin is distilled twice for its signature, strong and tingly Gin flavor. It was produced in 1830 in Scotland, where the Gin makers were highly selective of the ingredients which are where they came across the Tanqueray and began the process of perfect blending.

Price- INR 1990

1. The Botanist

The Botanist

It is only safe to say that The Botanist is best Gin in the world given it comes at the top spot of this list. It is made of 9 botanical ingredients, using the age-old boiling method for distillation of its ingredients. The vapors are passed through a basket of 22 herbal ingredients. The steam infused ingredients and distilled botanical products are later blended with a secret process.

Price- INR 2850

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