Arjun Tendulkar Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Arjun Tendulkar is the son of Sachin Tendulkar and he is also one of the budding cricketers. He has got the best coach in the world as he is being coached by the god of a cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar.

Arjun Tendulkar

Net Worth

The net worth of Arjun Tendulkar is not known.

Income Source

Arjun Tendulkar has started playing cricket recently and he receives income in form of match fee for the matches that he plays.

Real Name

The real name of this young cricketer is Arjun Tendulkar

Date of Birth: 24th September 1999

Age: 19 years


Arjun Tendulkar has a tall height and he is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. In addition to this, he weighs about 60 Kgs.

Marital Status

Arjun Tendulkar is presently unmarried.

Personal Background

Talking about the personal background of Arjun Tendulkar, it is known that he was born in Mumbai in India. The name of his father is Sachin Tendulkar and the name of his mother in Anjali Tendulkar. Arjun also has a sibling and the name of his sister is Sara Tendulkar. As per the information available, it is known that Arjun’s mother is a well-known doctor in Mumbai and Arjun’s father doesn’t need any introduction. Talking about the schooling, Arjun Tendulkar recently completed his schooling and he went to Dhirubhai Ambani International School with his sister. Talking about his personal life, it is known that Arjun is unmarried and there is no information available about his girlfriend either.


In terms of career, it is quite certain that Arjun Tendulkar will follow the footsteps of his father and he will be a cricketer. In addition to this, he started his cricket training when he was only 8 years old. He soon got a chance to play his first professional match as he got selected for the Under 13 Tournament. The match was held in 2010 in Pune and 22 January 2010 marks the date of his first match. Talking about his batting style, it is known that he is a left handed batsman and he is an all-rounder. His aggressive playing style helps him in taking an edge over the other players. While playing for his school in November 2011, he gave his best score during the bowling. As per the statistics, he was able to crack 8 wickets in the match and he gave only 22 runs during his entire spell. This guarantees his performance as a cricketer and we can surely see him in Indian cricket team in coming future.

As per the information available, in 2011, he also played his first international tournament and the match was a part of Cadence Trophy Tournament which was held in Pune. Sachin scored many centuries during his career so how can his child be behind? He scored his first century in June 2012 during an Under 14 match. Later he got a chance to play in BCCI Tournament as well.

Properties and Cars

The details about Arjun Tendulkar’s cars and properties are not listed.

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