Top 10 Countries with Most Earthquakes in the World

Earthquakes are considered to be amongst the deadliest natural disasters. Almost all the countries in the world have experienced earthquakes at some or the other stages. However, there are a few countries in the world that are more susceptible to this natural disaster than most other countries owing to their geographical location and their proximity to what the geologists call the seismic zones.

The following is the list of top 10 countries with most number of earthquakes in the world:

10. China

Quite a large part of the country is known to be susceptible to earthquakes owing to its vulnerable position and its closeness to the seismic activity. The world’s most populous country has witnessed a number of earthquakes over the years and some of the most dangerous ones have measured as high as 8 on the Richter scale. Earthquakes and other natural disasters have always claimed a number of life’s while also causing damage to precious buildings and structures.

9. Indonesia

Indonesia is a country which has a lot of earthquakes. The reason for the same is the geographical position in which the country is located. Half of the capital city of Jakarta is located below the sea level and the city is also said to be located on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire making it highly susceptible to earthquakes. Over the years, this natural disaster has brought about loss of numerous lives, precious property, buildings, etc. the 2004 earthquake that has its epicenter in Sumatra, Indonesia is said to be amongst the deadliest earthquakes the world has ever witnessed.

8. Turkey

Next on the list is the country of Turkey. With the major part of the country said to be lying on the Anatolian plate and the other parts lying on the Eurasian, African plates. Turkey has had its fair share of natural disasters including earthquakes. Amongst the most devastating earthquakes to have ever hit the country has been the one in the August of 1999 which took several lives and caused damage to property worth millions of dollars.

7. Mexico

Situated very near to the United States and on top of the Pacific, Cocos, and North American plate, the country of Mexico is highly prone to earthquakes. There is a long history of natural disasters and earthquakes that Mexico has experienced over the past years. Amongst the most devastating earthquakes to have hit the nation is the 1985 earthquake which was of a huge magnitude. Its magnitude was recorded to be of 8.1 on the Richter scale. Again, there was a damaging earthquake in the year 2014 which led to huge loss of several innocent lives, property, and other assets.

6. El Salvador

The small nation has experienced its own share of natural disasters and earthquakes in the past making it sixth on our list of top 10 countries with most earthquakes in the world. In fact, every decade there is at least one deadly event that is recorded in the country of El Salvador.El Salvador is located in a seismic sensitive region and that explains the various earthquakes that the region has experienced over the years. The greatest example of the dangerous nature of the earthquakes that have hit the nation include the two earthquakes that occurred in the same year of 2001. The magnitude of these were 7.7 and 6.6 on the Richter scale and they led to huge damage to both life and property.

5. Philippines

The country is located on the Pacific ring of fire which explains the number of natural disasters that hit the country every year. Also, as explained by various geologists the soft soil that houses the entire country further exposes it to a greater risk for earthquakes. One of the deadliest earthquakes that were recorded in the region was that of the one which measured 7.1 on the Richter scale and led to the death of around 250 people with several loss to property and precious buildings. It happened on 15th of October 2013.

4. Ecuador

Lying between the South American plate and the Nazca plate, Ecuador is another country that is hugely susceptible to getting earthquakes. Sometimes, the disturbance in the two plates causes the earthquake while at other times, it is the subduction along the boundary of the plate that leads to various earthquakes in the region. the most devastating earthquake in the region was the one that recorded 5.1 on the Richter scale.

3. India

Gujarat Earthquake (2001)

The movement of the tectonic plate that supports the area which we know as the country of India has made the region one of the most vulnerable when it comes to the experiencing of earthquakes and other natural disasters. In fact, it is a well-known fact that India is the only country where the division of the country is made as per the regions that are more prone to getting earthquakes. Apart from the third most devastating tsunami that the world has ever experienced, India experienced a dangerous earthquake in the year 2001 which measured 7.7 on the Richter scale and lasted for more than two minutes taking several life’s while also causing damage to precious buildings, structures, and other properties.

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2. Nepal

Remember the earthquake that shook the world in the April of 2015? It caused loss of several lives and property in the country of Nepal. This small country is so much prone to the natural disasters that it is often believed that the chances of a Nepali citizen to die from an earthquake is much higher than his or her chances of dying due to a civilian attack or otherwise. Its proximity to the seismic activity and the soft soil in the region are the most important causes that lead to earthquakes and other natural disasters in the world. In fact, the Himalayas which lends Nepal its unique identity had been built as a result of tectonic activity in the region. Hence, the country is an earthquake-prone zone experiencing a number of earthquakes each year.

1. Japan

Countries with Most Earthquakes

Highly vulnerable to seismic activity owing to its proximity to the Pacific ring of fire, Japan, without any surprise is the topmost country with the highest number of earthquakes in the world. Not only earthquakes, but Japan is also exposed to a number of volcanic eruptions and other deadly natural disasters. The deadliest earthquake that hit the nation was in the year 2011 which is considered the most expensive earthquakes in the history of Japan. It was also the fifth largest earthquakes in the history of the world. Not only did the earthquake took several lives and caused damage to property, it was followed by a deadly tsunami and damage to the major nuclear power stations of the country.

Thus, the above are the top 10 countries which have experienced the wrath of nature in the form of earthquakes and other natural disasters to a great extent!

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