10 Most Interesting Facts about Mumbai

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. It is a dream city of millions of people; it is also the city of drama, fun and entertainment and is the hub of movies. Bollywood is one of the biggest movie producers in the world. Mumbai was initially called as Bombay, the name that was given by the British and it was used until the year 1995 and was then changed to Mumbai, which was derived from the Mumba Devi Temple.

It is the second most populated city in the country. Apart from that there are many facts that makes this city extremely unique. The city has the highest number of rich people, and the city has just two extremes. The official language of Mumbai is Marathi. Mumbai is famous for its local trains and they have newly developed thee metros, which have been a great help to the local transport. Mumbai is also famous for its skyscrapers and vadapav and the street food, which makes it different from the other cities. The food in Mumbai is extremely cheap and so is local commotion. This beautiful dream city has something to offer to everyone. There are many interesting facts about this richest city.

The Oberoi, Mumbai

Here is a list of 10 facts about Mumbai, which are quite interesting.

10. The Wonderful city is set on Seven Islands

I hope you are not connecting the city with the wonders of the seven dwarfs, and if you do so, it’s fine, because somehow these seven islands make this one city, which is extremely beautiful and wonderful.

9. Mumbai has the sixth best international cricket stadium in the world

The DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai is the sixth best International Stadium in the world. It is big, and can accommodate thousands of people at a given time. The pitch is wonderful as well.

8. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal is 1st Railway Station of India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

The Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, commonly known, as CST or the Central Station is the first Railway Station of the country and built during the time of the British. The architecture of the station is beautiful and is very Victorian.

7. Antilla is the second most expensive home in the world

Mukesh Ambani Residence

Antilla- Mukesh Ambani’s residence is the second most expensive home in the world. It has 27 storyes and the worth of this place is 1000000000 INR. It is indeed costly and is extremely expensive no doubt.

6. Central Park in Kharghar is the largest theme park in Asia and third largest in the world

The Central Park in Khargar, Navi Mumbai, is the largest theme park in Asia and is the third largest in the entire world. It has 35,000 square meters of green areas and more than 25,000 Square meters of area for kids to play. It is constructed like an amphitheater and is huge and beautiful.

5. Mumbai local is the transport of more than 20,000 people

The Locals were meant to carry around 1700 people on a daily basis, but they carry almost thrice the number of people every single day at one stretch. That is one of the reasons; why there are so many people die at the stations, because most of them just hang around. It is very unsafe, but it is the only mode of transportation for the people.

4. Mumbai’s famous dubbawalas

The Dubbawalas of Mumbai are extremely famous and they are one of the best-managed supply chains in the world. The Forbes Magazine even gave them the award for their managerial skills. Interesting, indeed!

3. The Taj Mahal Hotel was the first 5-Star hotel in the country

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

The Famous Taj Mahal Hotel was the first five star hotel in the country built during the 1903.

2. The Coastline of Mumbai is 149 kilometers

Mumbai has one of the largest coastlines in the Country. It might not look so but it is true. The coastline of Mumbai is extended up to almost 150 kilometers.

1. The first bus service was started in Mumbai

BEST- Bombay Electric Supply and Transport is the first bus service that was started in India in the year 1905. Mumbai has indeed started a lot of things in the country.

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