11 Surprising Facts of People Born In September

September was taken from a Latin word Septem which means seven. In both Julian and Gregorian calendars, September is the 9th month of the year. People born in this month have a great bond oriented mindset. They are good when it comes to communication and will definitely win everyone’s heart by their approach of perfection that they hold. They are picky about materialistic things, but not about people. There is a saying which goes that, the happiest people are those who are born in September. People born in September are totally different from people born in other months. They have a curious characteristic which makes them to always stand out from the rest. They have impressive qualities which define their lives.

Here are some 10 interesting facts about people born in September:


11. They Arepolitely Diplomatic

They are good at charming people with sweet words thus they can make good lawyers, teachers or writer. They have a convincing and straight approach to life.  Communication can never be a problem to them as they always express their opinions and thoughts in an organized way. Most of the motivational speakers are born in the month of September.

10. They Love All Things Beautiful And Sensual

They are attracted by beautiful things, be it human or materialistic. They will always spot it as they have a special corner of it. If something is cute and adorable, they will appreciate it as they come across it irrespective of the situation they are in. Same applies to when things are sensual! They will never ignore it.

9. Looks For Perfection in Everything They Do

They combine intuition and logic in dealing with life in general. If they do not get their desired derivation, they keep on trying until then get it right or succeed in whatever they are doing. It might be good for them, but it might be a bother to others. So if you are always dealing with September babies, be reminded that they are perfectionists, so don’t be surprised if they yell at you or complain when you commit a mistake. It is their nature and they cannot avoid it.

8. They Get Bored Quickly And They Will Definitely Need An Energizer

September babies are born to seek adventure and hate monotony. They like being where it is happening in real time. They like experiencing with nature.

7. They Are The Happiest When in A Relationship

This relationship is not necessarily loving. Whatever the relationship they are in, they just feel good. They love company. If due to unavoidable circumstances they are lost in a lonely desert, they cannot last for long. They need company or else, they will feel lost and see no need to be alive – hopeless.

6. They Lose Themselves in Books And They Find Themselves There Too

It is not funny to find a September baby with a book while watching television. Reading is one thing which they are very interested in. Don’t be shocked to find them reading some learning books while watching a movie as they prefer to be perfect in everything they touch their hands on.

5. They Are Open Minded and Reasonable

They are very reasonable; keep their cool when in difficult situations. In situations where others are struggling between today’s practicality and inherited beliefs, September people do what is right and un-manipulated. That is why they are always straightforward and they always speak the truth. They believe that everything happens for a reason, thus very considerate.

4. They Have A Tendency To Overthink and Worry At Times

It is very normal for them to be smiling while they are facing a difficult situation. It is also normal for everyone to over-think at times, but we take action and move forward.  But for the September babies, they tend to overdo it and worry too much. They are accident prone and that is why they have to be careful in their day to day dealings lest they get hurt. Most of them die from head trauma or violent death.

3. Sometimes They Are Sexy in A Way Only Their Lovers Understand

People who understand the September babies will be able to tell when they are taunting or showing affection. It is at times hard for just anyone to get it out right with them.

2. They Can Eat Anything

Their metabolism and body is well equipped to deal with all kinds of food. This means, when they are traveling, they are easily adaptable to the environment in terms of food being served. Even if they don’t eat whatever is being served, they will somehow survive on whatever other food available like tea for the whole day at a stretch.

1. They Love To Travel

They have a passion, and a goal to travel. Their diaries are normally full of all the beautiful stories of places they have been to or places they dream to travel before they die. You might be working your head off while the September baby is planning his next travel destination. They love it when then explore the world.

This article is very educative. It makes one understand the real character of someone who was born in September and why they tend to behave the way they do. Some of the things they do are beyond their control and they are coincidentally pegged on their month of birth.




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