How to join Rotary Club?

Rotary club is a non-religious and non-political organization, established on 23 February 1905 by Paul P. Harris. It is a huge platform of global networking where approx 1.2 million connects to showcase their energy, passion and intelligence. The main aim of this organization is to spread honesty, peace and goodwill through professionals, a partnership of business and community members.

It plays a vital role in promoting peace, supports education, promote local economies and spread awareness regarding clean hygiene and sanitation. Apart from this, it offers various benefits to its members like provide fun and entertainment, helps in business development, focused on personal growth; give travel opportunities, gets a chance to learn about new business and technology, makes friends from across the world.

How to Join Rotary Club?

Rotary Club

Note – you will get an invitation from an existing club member, or sponsor to join the rotary club and appear for their club meeting.  After receiving the invitation, the sponsor submits your name to the club’s membership committee.

Interested candidates will send their entries to the official website –

They will contact you after receiving your email.

What are the eligibility criteria for membership?

Before applying for membership in Rotary Club, applicants should fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility requirement:

  1. Applicant must obtain any of the following positions – executive, professional, proprietary, managerial, community position. Or,
  2. Applicant must retire from the above-mentioned position.
  3. Applicants should provide a verified commitment to join club services through personal participation.
  4. Applicants have able to join the club’s meeting and meet the club’s attendance.
  5. He or she should work within the locality or area of the club where they wish to join.

Age Limit:

No specific age is required for joining the rotary club. You will join this club at any age after entering a professional, executive or managerial career. Moreover, you must have good contacts. If you are thinking to join the membership of the club, then contact existing members and ask about the financial obligations, requirements and official procedure.

Roles and Responsibilities of Membership

After joining the membership of the rotary club, members have the following responsibilities that they should follow:

  1. Members of the Club must appear in a weekly club meeting.
  2. Members must pay annual charges to their clubs. Note – The annual charges involves Rotary district and Rotary International Association Fees).
  3. Members are expected to take part in activities or projects which are organized at the national or international level.
  4. They are responsible to promote clubs leadership and committee plus factors.
  5. They should convenience people to join their committee.

Requirement of Attendance in Rotary Club

Once you become a member of the rotary club, you must attend at least 50% of regular clubmeetings and  satelliteclub meetings and participating in club projects and other activities.

Are college aspirants eligible for Rotary Club Membership?

Actually no, you must have experience in your job areas and achieve something in a professional job. In the college period, students are not professionals for bringing a specialization, ideas for club activities. They don’t get a membership in it. They can be a part of the rotary club as a member.