10 Tips to Make Impression at Your Office Party

What to wear is not the only thing you need to consider. An office party needs your office manners as well. Office parties can actually build your reputation. But sometimes, it can break your career. Most office parties do not really meant to have fun, how you deal your colleagues and what impression you make for bosses is much more important. People around you are observing you. Let them impressed. Let them adore.

If you’ve work too hard to build your professional image, you can break it on just one careless night. So, enjoy the celebration while keeping your dignity and professionalism unbroken.

Here are the tips:

Give thanks

10. Don’t be late

Let your boss and your colleagues know that you are a punctual person. Arriving on time shows that you value their time. On the contrary, if you arrive late, you show disrespect to the party and the people attending it. Plan ahead and make advance preparations to avoid such embarrassing profile.

9. Dress professionally

An office party is never like a club party. Be careful on what you wear. The office is the home of professional people so dress professionally. Avoid too casual or too provocative clothes and be more conservative. Remember, your office party is the extension to your office environment.

8. Keep the conversation light

In an office party, you can keep the conversation festive with light topics. Talk about things you love. Share your hobbies, wants, foods but never talk about controversial things like sex, politics, work topics and most importantly, gossips. Let the conversation happen as if you were best friends.

7. Get to know people personally

Use the office party as an opportunity to know people around you more. There might be the time you talk with each other at the office but you will get closer to the party. Mingle with people around you and introduce yourself politely. Talk smartly and try to meet everyone at the party.

6. Drink moderately

Drink responsibly or stay away from alcohol if possible. Never show others how much you can drink or question those people who choose not to drink. When you get drunk, you lose control over yourself. And that’s the time you end up passing out or vomiting in front of the crowd. That’s a very bad impression afterwards.

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