How to join the Bhim Army?

Well, very few people know about the Bhim army which was formed with special propaganda that is, fight caste domination and save the dignity of Dalits. It is popularly known by various names like Bheem Army Bharat Ekta Mission (Ambedkar Army Indian Unity Mission) or Bheem Army. It was founded in the year 2015 by Vijay Ratan Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and Satish Kumar in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the most popular organization that fights for Dalit rights. Presently, Vijay Ratan Singh is the national president of the Bhim Army. In the various districts of Uttar Pradesh including Meerut, Shamli, Saharanpur and Muzaffarnagar, this organization formed more than 350 free cost schools for Bahujans and Dalits. The name Bhim Army is inspired by the B.R. Ambedkar ethics and principles.

The mission of the Bhim Army

The main purpose of the Bhim army is to protect the right of Dalits. They are not against any caste and religion. Just fought for anti-humanism is the major mission of this Army. There is a misconception about this organization is that it is related to a political party. But it is a social and unregistered organization. Now, this army has become popular among the member of the lower Caste in Uttar Pradesh state.

Objectives of Bhim Army

Bhim army was established to achieve various objects. Some of them are:

  1. The major purpose of this organization is to provide equal positions to Dalits and Rajput’s in society.
  2. They fought for the rights of Dalit’s and provide education to children who belong to SC/ST and OBC.
  3. They opened various free of cost and colleges for Dalits have to fulfil their objectives.
  4. They provide financial help to needy people who are coming under the poverty line.
  5. They collect funds for a girl’s marriage that belongs to a poor family.

Who can apply for Bhim Army?

Any Dalit between the age of 18 and 25 can join the Bhim Army. Moreover, they don’t have fear of arrest and fought against their rights.

How can apply for Bhim Army?

There are various social platforms where you will join the Bhim Army. Let’s discuss them.

  1. Facebook Page – The Bhim Army has its Facebook page namely Bheem Army created by Chandrashekhar Azad. Through this platform, lakhs of people have joined this organization to that date.
  2. Google Website – you can check the official website of Bhim army and apply to join it. People can join it as a volunteer, partner and member. Here you will know about various facilities which will be offered by the Bhim Army. Many people visit this website to tell their problems and solution for them.
  3. Join Whatsapp group – The Bhim Army is also available on WhatsApp by their official name. You can contact this number 94575795431 to join a group chat.
  4. Youtube Channel – you can check the Bhim Army channel on youtube. Here you will read other people reviews and give your suggestions regarding issues.

These are some simpler platforms where you can find the joining option for Bheem Army.