10 Lesser Known Facts About Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan beauty pageant who recently entered the Bollywood industry. Her father Elroy Fernandez is a Sri Lankan citizen while mother Kim is Malaysian. She put down the criticism of many by just her sheer beauty and extraordinary acting skills. This actress has slowly but firmly placed her foot in the Bollywood industry. She performed the lead role in Sajid Nadaiadwaala Film ‘Kick’ in the year 2014.

The beauty queen has not only huge following in India but across the globe. There are a number of projects of Jacqueline in the pipeline and will be seen in different roles in future. There are many of us who knows very little about Jacqueline. Here is the list of 10 facts of Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline Fernandez

1. Bahrain Beauty

Though Jacqueline was Sri Lankan beauty, but only a few of us know that she was born in Bahrain. The interesting fact about her is that her family members are from different countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Canada making her multicultural in nature.

2. V reporter

This one is really shocking but Jacqueline is the graduate in Mass Communication. After her graduation, she worked as Television reporter for the short duration in Sri Lanka. Soon after this she entered in modeling and won the crown of Miss Sri Lanka Universe in the year 2006. She also hosted some shows on TV while she was just 14 years old.

3. Music Video

After she won the Miss Sri Lanka Universe crown in the year 2006, she appeared in a hit commercial video made by Sri Lankan duo Santhush and Bathiya. This video was titled as ‘O Sathi’ and released in 2007. After this, she entered in Bollywood in Sujoy Ghosh film Aladin.

4. Charity from beginning

This is really a positive side of Jacqueline for which most of us are not aware of. She supports a number of charity trusts from the beginning. In 2013, she sent a letter to Philippines embassy in Colombo to transfer the elephant quickly from inadequate Manila Zoo to a green sanctuary. She raised approx. £4000 in London MyFair to support NGO involve in Children primary education known as Pratham. She is also a proud owner of an N.G.O. The name of her NGO is ‘Habitat India’. This aim of improving environmental conditions of Asian countries especially India and Sri Lanka. This NGO works a lot for victims of many natural disaster and calamities. Recently, the dance master of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan donated Rs 5,00,000 to her NGO for the flood victims of Chennai.

5. Foodie

Jacqueline is foodie kind of person who loves to eat different types of foods. She also has the restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka which is named as Kaema Sutra. This restaurant serves traditional Sri Lankan food to the people who loves the dishes from her grandma recipe book.

6. Relationship with Sajid Khan

In the starting days of her Bollywood career, her name was linked with famous Bollywood director Sajid Khan. The news was also there that these two get married in the year 2012. This relationship cost much in her career. She lost roles infamous Bollywood movies like Krish 3 and Jism 3. Sajid Khan was known as the Possessive boyfriend who decides the roles and film for her. Even the costumes he wore in the film have been finalized by Sajid.

7. Debut Film

She made debut in Bollywood industry with Sujoy Ghosh movie ‘Aladin’. This talented actress won a number of awards in the start of her career. She won Star Plus Best Debut of the Year – Female award for her role in ‘Aladin’ and IIFa award for HouseFull2 under the category of Best Actress Supporting role. She is lucky enough to get the chance to work with Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan. She just came to India for her small shooting assignment but later she performed the role.

8. Horse Riding lover

This beauty pageant loves horse riding a lot. Whenever she gets free time from her busy schedule, she enjoys horse riding. It was because of Jacqueline that horse carriage was banned in Mumbai.

9. Workout Freak

Jacqueline Fernandez loves to work out in gym and home etc. Her daily routine of workout includes martial arts, cardio, yoga and strength based exercises. Her yoga instructor is Anushka Parwani. She follows a macrobiotic diet and does yoga 5 days a week.

10. Friendship with Sonam Kapoor

Jacqueline Fernandez and famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor are the very close friend. They always hang out together whenever gets time. They were seen together be it any party or any award functions. There were rumors also about Jacqueline that she is attached with Sonam brother Arjun Kapoor during 2015 IIFA awards but this beauty queen denied any kind of such rumors.


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