10 Interesting Facts About Rameshwaram Temple

Without a doubt, India is the place to be if you are into breathtaking historic sites. This is even a country to beat for when it comes to hundred or thousand-year-old temples. One of the breathtaking and most-visited temples in the country is the Rameshwaram Temple. It is actually a Hindu temple, which was built in honor of the Hindu God, Shiva. Moreover, here are 10 interesting facts about most famous temple in south India, Rameshwaram Temple that may surprise you:

10. Rameshwaram Temple was originally just a medium size, historic temple

It was during the reign of Pandya Dynasty when it experienced major expansions. It was particularly during the 12th century. Moreover, the king of the Jaffna Kingdom, Jeyaveera Cinkaiariyan and his very own successor Gunaveera Cinkaiariyan, were the ones who renovated the temple’s principal shrine sanctum.


9. There were 22 theerthams, or tanks in the layman’s term, constructed in the Rameshwaram Temple

These tanks are very important for the numerous devotees who keep on coming back in this magnificent, historic temple. These are exactly where they bathe themselves in order to purify their soul, before they start worshipping inside the temple

8. Rameshwaram Temple is where you can see the Spatika Lingam

Just in case you do not know, Spatika Lingam is amongst those 12 Jyotirlingas that can be found in the whole world. 12 Jyotirlingas are actually rare objects that symbolized the Supreme Hindu God, Shiva. Spatika Lingam is a Quartz stone that is very rare to be found in the world.

7. The corridors of the Rameshwaram Temple are absolutely breathtaking

Its corridors are longer enough for a sacred temple. Towards the west direction, its corridors extend around 400 feet, and 640 feet towards the south and north direction. These corridors even have a height of 6.9 meters.

6. This temple is composed of 1,212 pillars

These pillars are extremely helping for the stronger foundation of the Rameshwaram Temple, causing it not to fall down or collapse very easily. Each of these pillars is carved with magnificent and artistic Hindu carvings. Furthermore, the exact height of every pillar this temple has is 30 feet.

5. The British Government is also acknowledging the significance of Rameshwaram Temple not only in the history of India, but in the world history as well

This can be confirmed by the particular stamp made and used within the entire Great Britain even up to these days. The is printed with the beautiful image of the temple, and it was introduced way back in the year 1935.

4. It was in the 1414 CE when Rameshwaram Temple was firstly renovated

The people who were responsible for its very first renovations were Udaiyaan Sethupathi and the King of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Tamil), Pararajasekara Aryasakravarthy. Granite stones were the main materials used in its reconstructions.

3. The temple of course, has Ramanathaswamy or the famous Hindu God, Shiva as its primary deity

He was represented by two lingams inside the temple actually. These are the main deity Ramalingam, which was formed by Goddess Sita out from the sand materials, and Vishwalingam who was brought from Kailash by Lord Hanuman.

2. The temple is composed of a high compound wall

This kind of wall can be observed inside the four corners of the Rameshwaram Temple. From the east towards the west, the wall is measured 865 feet furlong, while the north towards the south direction has a high compound wall that exactly measures 657 feet furlong.

1. Its third corridor was built with a design called Chokkattan Madapam

This is a very unusual structure that you would think that it is a huge concrete chess board the moment you see it for the first time.

These are just 10 of the interesting facts regarding the ever famous Rameshwaram Temple that can be found in the breathtaking, historic land of India. You will surely be surprised with the amazing structure and design of this temple when you see it in person.

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