Are South Indian Movies Overrated?

South Indian cinema, also known as Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada cinema, has a massive fan base not just in the south of India, but all around the world. These movies are famous for their epic action scenes, catchy music, vibrant costumes, and captivating plots. But some people think that South Indian movies are a little too hyped up and not as good as their Bollywood counterparts. Is this really true, or is it just a matter of personal taste? Let’s dig into this topic and find out.

What Are The Reasons Why South Indian Movies Get This Hate?

One reason why some folks might think that South Indian movies are overrated is that they tend to glorify certain elements that might seem a bit over-the-top or unrealistic to some viewers. For example, many South Indian movies feature heroic characters who can do superhuman things and defeat armies of enemies all by themselves. While this can be exciting to watch, some people might find it hard to suspend their disbelief and might feel that the movies are too fantastical.

Another reason why some people might believe that South Indian movies are overrated is because of the repetitive storylines and formulaic plot points that are often used in these movies. Many South Indian movies follow a similar structure, with the hero falling in love with the heroine, fighting a powerful villain, and ultimately triumphing. While this formula has worked in the past, some viewers might find it a bit predictable and might feel that the movies lack originality.

Have South Indian Cinema Evolved Over The Years?

It is true that just a decade ago, the South Indian film industry used to be known for making typical action drama movies, and many of those movies were somewhat cringy. However, the case is a little different nowadays. South Indian Cinema has evolved quite a lot over the years, and you can clearly see that by just watching some of the recently released South Indian movies like 777 Charlie, KGF, Kantara, RRR, Drishyam 2, Praana, Jersey, etc.

These South Indian movies have received critical acclaim and have won many awards both nationally and internationally. These movies often tackle cultural and social issues faced by people in South India and offer a unique perspective that you might not find in mainstream Bollywood movies. Where Bollywood is still stuck in making those typical romance, action drama, and masala-packed movies, South Indian filmmakers are trying something different. And this is why over the years, South Indian movies have established an enormous fan base, not just in India, but all around the globe. That’s the reason why many people nowadays feel hyped for upcoming movie releases.

All in all, whether or not South Indian movies are overrated is a matter of personal opinion. While some people might find these movies too fantastical or formulaic, others might love their epic action scenes and captivating plots. It’s up to each viewer to decide whether or not they enjoy South Indian movies.

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