Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in India 2016

In the most recent decade or somewhere in the vicinity, India has advanced so much that it is currently considered as a part of the main three potential Nations which is going to have the most grounded economy in the following 20 years. The expectation for everyday comforts of the general population, the base, has grown to a great deal in this nation. There are an interminable number of alternatives accessible for the general population to browse, and they can settle down in any city they need by decision and inclination. Here is a list of the top ten most expensive or highly priced cities to live in India in 2016.

10. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the first city that was assembled with legitimate arranging. Chandigarh is exceptionally renowned for its superb, captivating and beguiling magnificence. The framework of the city will please and pull in anybody to the center.

9. Jaipur

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Known as the “Pink-City”, Jaipur is one of the costliest cities in India. The structural planning of this city is of genuinely Rajputana style. Throughout the years, this city has advanced with so much pace that today it has its name said in a standout amongst the most costly urban communities in India.

8. Ahmadabad

This capital city of Gujarat is one of the significant business centre points of that state. It is the biggest exporter of jewellery and denim. Ahmadabad has gradually formed into such a delightful spot, to the point that everybody one needs to get settled here. The satisfying environment of Ahmadabad is clearly going to suit the way of life of the basic individuals.

7. Kolkata

The Capital City of West Bengal, Kolkata is one of the most expensive city in the country. There are huge quantities of Indian multinationals who have built up their central station in this Indian city. As indicated by the positioning of the most prevalent metropolitan city in India, it is beside Delhi and Mumbai. Kolkata has earned prominent place amongst the general population for being so delightful and beautiful.

6. Pune

Known as the education hub of India, Pune with its increasing youth population is amongst the most expensive city in India. It has amazing facilities and best infrastructure. Staying in Pune is comparatively cheaper than travelling in Pune.

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