10 Facts About Chandigarh – Things To Know

Chandigarh, a city under the reins of Union government is a mesmerizing place to be. A city developed under the urban planning method features an abundance of architecture assimilates within.

One of the perfect cities with perfectly executed city scape planning in the nation, it has accumulated multiple visitors in the years gone by. A home to three of the governments of the nation, this city hosts many government employees in acting or retired capacity.

Today we’d look to dig deep into the fact file of Chandigarh and unearth few gems. If you’re not much known to these lands, then you’d be definitely better acquainted through our list. Revitalize your memory with these 10 such ergonomic facts of Chandigarh in our blog today.


10) First planned city of modern India

  • Chandigarh became the first city to be developed under the modern urbanization plans. It was after the independence that the idea of developing a modern planned city came into the foray.
  • It is spread around in an area of approximately 114 sq.mt.
  • The city has a fine network of roads often termed as 7V’s with the vertical roads called Paths and the horizontal ones named Margs.

9) Part of Tricity

  • Chandigarh is famed for its Tricity vicinity with Mohali, Punjab, and Panchkula, Haryana.
  • The famed metropolitan Tri-city is the first smoke-free area in the nation. This metropolitan holds around 2 million population.

8) Superstition about the number 13

  • Chandigarh has an adversary in the number 13. There are no roads or areas dedicated to number 13.
  • The number 13 is said to bring bad luck. As such you won’t find sector 13 in this marvelous architected city.

7) Home to ancient Harrapan Civilization

  • Chandigarh was home to the ancient Harrapan civilization which dated back 8000 years ago.
  • The city has rightly preserved of what remains as the memento from that historical era.
  • Such a rich history to look forward to.

6) Designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier

  • This beautiful city was designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier on the ground plans created by Polish architect Maciej Nowicki and the American planner Albert Mayer.
  • The city still hosts one of the largest Open hand sculptures of Le Corbusier which symbolizes peace and harmony among the people.

5) No statues around

  • It’s something that the Swiss-French Le Corbusier conditioned on. You won’t find any statues in the parks or the roundabouts in the city.
  • Talk about finding clean parks free of any statues and sculpture.

4) A dream city

  • Chandigarh was the dream city of the then Indian Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • The first prime minister of India wanted this city to be the modern face of the nation’s architecture.
  • Quite a dream to have, don’t you think?

3) A popular tourist destination

  • Chandigarh is home to one of the finest tourists destinations in the nation.
  • It features multiple theme gardens based on different plantations and structures. The prime gardens are rose garden, rock garden, Garden of Palms, Japanese Garden, and Terraced Garden
  • There are lakes, musical art galleries, museums and fountains for a relaxing time.

2) First Ranked city in HDI index

  • Chandigarh topped the ranks in the Human Development Index of the nation.
  • It comes out top among all the states and union territory of the nation.

1) Pensioner’s Paradise

  • Chandigarh acts as the base for three government. With multiple government employees working or retired residing in this union territory, it has rightly garnered the tag of ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’.

Chandigarh is a truly fine-artistically designed city, laying claims to be one of the cleanest of the lot in the nation. It rightly deserves the hype centered on it. It laid the foundation for modernization of the nation of which other states took notice. It is one of the best nightlife cities in India.As a result, we’re seeing plenty of new-gen modernly designed cities nowadays.

We hope you’ve had a nice little time reading the blog and getting yourself aware of the facts of Chandigarh.

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