10 Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

‘The city of Mughals and Nizams’ is the perfect anecdote to Hyderabad. Hyderabad is home to the historic architectural beauties and cultures. The richness of the city is depicted clearly in its heritage and foods.

It’s not just the city of Mughals and Nizams but also the city of pearl and diamond trade. Hyderabad is the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh as of current. The city is harbored along the banks of Musi River and is spread out in approximately 650 sq. km.

Hyderabad has always captivated visitors and the natives alike. There’s something different to the feel of this culturally diverse city. It’s as if you sense yourself dancing to a different beat. The charm that it offers often makes people awe-struck.


We’d look to captivate the richness of the city in 10 such facts in our post today. Read along for the never seen facts of Hyderabad, the Mughal city.

10) The beauty of Artificial lakes

  • Hyderabad has an astonishing amount of artificial lakes within its frontier.
  • The dams on the Musi River contributes a big chunk of 140 artificial lakes found in the city.
  • A few of them are Hussain Sagar, Osman Sagar, and Himayat Sagar.

9) Home to largest film city

  • Hyderabad city is home to the largest integrated film city in the world, Ramoji Film City.
  • The film city is spread over 1666 acres and was started back in 1996.

8) Origin of Kohinoor diamond

  • The best and the most expensive diamond in the world, Kohinoor was extracted here.
  • It was here that the British mined the 105 carat The diamond is still said to be located inthe UK.

7) Second biggest IMAX 3D Screen in the world

  • The tech-hub of the nation had to ahead in some sort, didn’t they?
  • Hyderabad boasts of second largest IMAX 3DScreen in the world with dimensions ranging from 72 * 95 feet. The seating capacity is said to be around 655.

6) IT hub of India

  • This beautiful city is one of the most rapidly growing IT cities of India.
  • Multiple biggest enterprises and companies of the globe have established their branches over here. A few of them are Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Yahoo and more.

5) Home of Tollywood

  • The Telugu film industry often termed as Tollywood have found their home in
  • It is the second biggest film industry in the nation after Bollywood.

4) Asia’s biggest convention center

  • Hyderabad is home to Asia’s biggest convention center. The HICC-Hyderabad International Convention Center has a seating arrangement of 5000 people.
  • The convention center is spread out over an area of 291,000 sq. ft.
  • It’s one of the most technological advanced convention centers in the nation.

 3) City of Pearls

  • As we aforementioned in our introduction, Hyderabad is also known as the ‘City of Pearls and Diamond’.
  • The traditional markets of the pearl traders are still open to this day serving for more than century on the run.

2) Largest Monolithic statue of Buddha

  • The dream project of the then former Chief Minister NT Rama Rao was made into reality in 1992. The statue was erected in the artificial lake Hussain Sagar.
  • The project took a couple of years for completion with 200 workers vying their skills.
  • The statue is made up of granite and is 18 meters high.

1) Hyderabadi Biryani

  • This had to be. The meat and rice cuisine which has been in the running since the time of Nizams and Mughals are the epitomai of taste buds.
  • Hyderabadi Biryani has more than 140 varieties in its entries.
  • Nothing gets better than this, simply nothing. Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most famed dish around the world and rightly so.

Hyderabad is a place that needs to on everyone’s visit list. There’s no denying the fact that it offers a different beat to the ones we’re used to. And after all, who would love to spend their time in this heart enthralling ancient Mughal emperor’s city. Off we reach then to the end of our post. That’s all from us on the factfile of Hyderabad.

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