Voter ID Card Punjab: Apply Online, Check Form Application Status & Download

A voters’ ID card is one of the important document an Indian citizen should possess. A voters’ ID card not only grants a citizen the right to vote but, also proves his/her nationality.

According to the Indian constitution, every Indian citizen of an age 18-years and above 18-years has the right to vote and apply for a voters’ ID. However, like I clearly mentioned the applicant should be an Indian citizen and if NRI should be able to produce the document to prove his/her Indian nationality.

With all this being told, a voters’ ID card is not just a card document that grants the cardholder the right to vote, but, it is also one of the important proof document. It can prove a cardholders nationality, age, address, and identity.

Punjab is a state of India; the elections are conducted and controlled by the Election Commission of India. Each of the states has a Chief Election Officer. The state of Punjab also has a Chief Election office and an official website.

Currently, the Election Commission of India provides two options for the citizen to apply for voters’ ID card.

  1. Offline method
  2. Online method

An offline method is the traditional method of applicant visiting the election office in person and then placing the request for a new voters’ ID card and then filling in the form provided from the election office and submitting it with the proof documents.

However, the online method is different. But, currently, the Punjab CEO official website does not provide an option to complete the application procedure online.

Here is everything you need to know about applying for voters’ ID card online in Punjab.


  • Passport size photo
  • Age proof document
  • Address proof document

Documents eligible

  • Age Proof – Birth Certificate, Driving license, High school mark sheet, PAN card, Aadhaar letter issued by the UIDAI, andPassport.
  • Address proof – Passport, Ration card, Driving license, Land phone bill, Electricity bill, Gas bill, Rent Agreement, Income tax assessment bill, letter or post delivered by the Indian postal department and Water Authority bills

Step by step procedure to apply for voters’ ID card online

Step 1: Visit the Official website of Chief Election Office of Punjab or click here

Step 2: On the home screen, you will find the option “Forms” select this option

Step 3: Now, from the drop-down menu select the option “Form 6”

Step 4: Form 6 appears on the screen, now select the language from the drop-down menu on the screen. Now, click the print button on the down bottom of the page to print the form.

Step 5: Fill in the form as requested. Now after filling in the form. Attach the required documents that include passport size photo, Address proof, and Identity proof.

Step 6: Now, carefully fold the form and the documents and you have two options.

  1. Sent by post
  2. Visit the nearest election office and submit by a person

You can find all the details here

Step 7: Once, you have submitted the form 6 with all the proof documents, the staff will provide you with an acknowledgement slip that has a reference ID on it. Keep this acknowledgment slip safe with you, the reference ID can be used to check the status of the form application online.

Check status of form application status online

Even though, the application form was submitted to the election office by post or in person the status of the application will be updated regularly online. Here is how to check the status of the application form online.

Step 1: Visit the National Voters Services Portal official website or click here .

Step 2: Now, new pages appears on the screen with heading “National Voters Services Portal” click the option “Track application status” or click here .

Step 3: On the new page, enter the reference ID as requested and click the “Track Status” button.

Now, if the entered detail entered matches the records on the server, the page will display the status of your application on the screen.

Step by step procedure to download voters’ ID card online

The CEO Punjab website does not provide the options to download the voters’ ID card online. To be frank, the Election Commission of Indian does not provide any cardholder or any citizen to download voters’ ID card online. However, there is an option that allows the user to download the voters’ ID card details. PS: this cannot be used for any official purpose. It is just an unofficial document.

Step 1: Visit the official website of National Voters Services Portal or click here .

Step 2: Now, on the page, click the option “Booth, AC, and PC”

Step 3: Enter all the details as requested on the fill-up form that appears on the screen and then hit the “Search” button below.

If your name is added to the voters’ list, the website will display the name on the screen, click this name and all the details of the voters’ ID card details will be displayed. This same page will have a “Print” option on the down bottom. Click this option to download and print the details.