Lost PAN Card: Apply Duplicate PAN Card Online [Reissue Procedure]

There are times when you may lose your PAN Card or when the PAN card gets destroyed. In such a case, you might have to reapply for the PAN Card but the procedure is quite easy if you have your PAN Number with you. You need to fill Form 49A or 49AA to get the PAN Card Reissued and in this article, we have shared the process to get the PAN Card Reissued Online.

Steps to Get Duplicate PAN Card / Pan Card Reissue

=> To get the PAN Card reissued, you need to visit the official website for TIN-NSDL. The link to the website can be found with help of a google search or you can navigate to https://www.tin-nsdl.com/

=> Go to the top menu bar here and from the top menu bar, click on the Online Services. From the list of options, you need to select PAN. This will redirect you to a new page where you will be able to see all services related to the PAN Card.

=> On this page, click on Apply Button Under any tab and you will be taken to a generalized form. In the application type, select Changes or Corrections in Existing PAN Card / Reprint of PAN Card. Along with this, enter the Name, PAN Number, Date of Birth and Contact Information to move to the next page.

=> Fill in all the other details in the form and these details basically include the personal details and contact details.

=> Move to the next portion and upload the documents in the form. You also need to go ahead with e-KYC and e-signature if you selected the paperless mode of approval. Validate your Aadhaar card via OTP and move to the next step

=> In this step, you need to make the payment for the Reprint of PAN Card and after making the payment, the acknowledgement letter will be displayed on the screen. Obtain a print out of the acknowledgement letter.

=> Send the Acknowledgement Letter to the given address and attach the documents for ID proof, Address proof and DOB proof if required.

=> The duplicate PAN Card will be issued to you and send to you at your address in 2 weeks. You can also track the status of the PAN Card after sending the acknowledgement letter.

This was the process to get the PAN Card reissued. Let us also look at some of the frequently asked questions to help you in understanding some additional points about the reissue procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a New PAN Number after the Reissues?

The PAN Number remains the same after the reissue of the PAN Card. This won’t be a problem for you in any case and you do not have to worry about getting a new PAN Card. Nothing changes on the reprint of the PAN Card.

What If I found my Original PAN card after I applied for Duplicate One?

You can keep the duplicate PAN card in such a case as the PAN Number is the same. There is no need to surrender the PAN Card if you have the PAN Cards with the same number. However, for official purposes, we would recommend you to use the new PAN Card as it will come with a QR Code.

How to Track the Application for Duplicate PAN?

To track the PAN Card, you can visit the TIN—NSDL Website. Here is the direct link to the tracking page https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pantan/StatusTrack.html and on this page, you can enter the application type along with the acknowledgement number to track the PAN Card.

Will by A.O. Officer be the same?

No, the A.O. Officer will remain the same after the reissue of the PAN. There might be a rare case when the A.O officer has been changed because of certain reasons like the change in demographic data or something similar to that.

Will I get a PAN Card with QR Code?

Since 7 July 2018, all the PAN Cards issued by the department comes with an enhanced security feature. They come with a QR Code which helps in ensuring that no one can tamper the PAN Card. If you are applying for Duplicate PAN Card now then you will get a New PAN Card with QR Code.