PAN Card Form – Download Form 49A, 49AA PDF For New / Old PAN Correction

The process to fill in the form for the PAN Card has now been automated and you can go ahead and fill in the online forms. However, there are still some of us who would prefer to fill the offline application for PAN Card. In such a case, it can be a problem if the forms are not available through the offline method. Well, the good part is that the PAN Card Forms are available for the download and you can obtain a print of the form as well. These forms can then be submitted to local offices to avail services.

In this article, we have listed the details of the PAN Card Form along with the download link for the form so that you can get the form without having to visit the department. This will save a visit for you and you can simply submit the form in one single visit after filling the form.

Below are the details of the forms along with the download Link

Different Types of PAN Card Forms

pan card form

  • Form 49 A – This form is that is required for getting a new PAN Card by individuals. Apart from this, you can also use this form to make corrections in the PAN Card and to apply for HUF, companies,and forms that are incorporated in India

Download Link

  • Form 49 AA–This form is also used to apply for new PAN card and to make corrections in PAN Card but this form is specifically to be used by the individuals and the companies that are not incorporated in India. The form needs to be filled by all such entities and also, the PAN Card issued to such entities will have the information of the location of all these entities.

Download Link

Steps to Download the PAN Card Form

If you do not wish to download the forms that are listed above then you can follow the steps listed below

  • Visit the TIN-NSDL Website at
  • On the website, click on Downloads Button and select PAN from the drop-down list.
  • You will notice the hyperlinks for Form 49A and Form 49AA on the page. Click on these hyperlinks and the form will be displayed in PDF Format. You can then download and print them as per your requirements.

Steps to Fill and Submit the PAN Card Form

Once you have the form with help of the link above, you can simply go ahead and print the form. It is recommended to at least print the 2 copies of the form so that you have a backup if you make a mistake in the form. After that, you can follow the steps listed below.

  • You need to begin filling the form by attaching the photo, filling the details of AO Officer and other personal details. Fill in the details of the parents, address and other contact information.
  • Once that is filled, enter the details of the income along with the details of the documents that you are attaching for the proof of identity and proof of age and proof of address.
  • You can then attach the documents along with a demand draft of the fee and submit the form to the PAN Centers in your area or you can send it via post to the department in Pune.
  • If you wish to know about the location of PAN Centers then you can visit –

Tips for Filling the PAN Card Form

It is quite easy to fill these forms but we would like to share the tips with you that would ensure that the form is not returned to you. Here are some of those tips

  • Use only Block Letters while filling the form and only use a Black Ball Point Pen.
  • Ensure that there is no over-writing or correction of the form.
  • Do not use abbreviations in the form.
  • Photos should be passed in the form. Do not staple them or clip them on the form.
  • Details mentioned on the documents should match with the details that you mention on the form.
  • The signature should be clear and it should be signed across the photo. If you plan to put a thumb impression then the thumb impression should be attested by Notary Public or a Magistrate.