Top 10 Most Common Ways How People Waste Water

 How important is the water? Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and 70 percent of it can be found in the human’s body. Water is considered to be the miracle of life. It cures, it protects and it cleanses. It is absolutely clear that water is one of the major elements on the planet to support life – for the plants, for the animals and for us humans.

However, water is the useful resource in the world that sometimes has been taken for granted. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we waste it; we ignore its importance and forget to realize that without water, we will never going to live. There are so many circumstances and ways how we waste water. It is better to be aware of them before water totally gone.

Waste Water

Common Ways People Waste Water but Don’t Realize it

10. Bathing

People take a bath everyday but failed to realize that they also waste water everyday. It is good to use only the shower because it uses water thriftily than bathing with the use of bathtub and or a pail. Keep in mind that when we loss water, we also loss life.

9. Washing the vehicle

Washing a vehicle whether that is a car, a motorbike or those big ones is more like a routine to most people. Washing them in your own driveway can consume more water than you think. Whereas if you let the car wash company takes it, there would only be lesser water to clean it.

8. Flushing the toilet

Aside from washing our hands after we use the toilet, we also flush the toilet bowl with water. But flushing does not really have to be too much. There are some automatic toilets that use water heavily even when you are just urinating. It truly needs your attention.

7. Laundering

Washing clothes are essential because we all need clean clothes. It may cost gallons of water but it should never consume more than of what we supposed to. If you’re washing the clothes with washing machine, match the water level with the wash load only.

6. Washing the dishes

Sometimes, we like washing the dishes in the flowing water. Well, doing so consumes more water than just washing dishes with a small basin. It may not be easier for you but at least it can help your water bill lowered.

5. Letting the children play

Never ever allow the children play water and waste it. We can’t deny the fact that children love the coolness of water but it is always good to never allow them just play with it. Instead, teach them to conserve water for their own future.

4. Leaking faucets and taps

When there are leakages. Fix them immediately. Leaky faucets are very common in every household. It can even waste hundreds of gallons of water in a day. Keep checking the pipes regularly and make sure that there are no cracks in them.

3. Leaving the water running

There are so many times that we waste water but don’t realize it. Sometimes when we are brushing teeth or shaving, we just let the water run for a long time. Obviously, we already wasted a big percentage of water this way. If you see the water is not in use, turn it off. There is no way to let it flow when there is nothing to be used on.

2. Watering the lawns

The thirstiest water hogs most especially in the cities are the lawns. Lawns can be appropriate in some areas but it requires heavy water to flourish. Some grasses are really hungry with water causing you to feed them up with too much of it.

1. Irrigating

In order for the plants to grow better, there is a method in which water is supplied to plants regularly for agriculture  the irrigation. Agriculture consumes about 70 percent of the available freshwater in the whole world and most farmers rely on this method. However, the process of flood irrigation wastes tons of water. And if we are going to handle this carelessly, it can be toxic to marine life. There are other ways to use in order to have less water runoff.