What Would Happen to Earth If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?

The earth isn’t going to last forever, according to every science law there would be a doomsday and even the religious beliefs clearly say so. Say, the doomsday strikes any day, and all humans on earth die. What would happens then?

Well apparently a series of events will trigger and launch after one another. Modern life requires a lot of utilities to continuously remain active and serve the people, all of those would run out starting with power. Once the whole earth turns dark because there’s no power, other fear factors will start taking place. However, there will not be any human left on earth to witness them, and post them on a blog by then.

What would happen to Earth if humans disappeared?

The most depressing thought probably is, the fun world of internet would also go down – as if it never existed. Even the thought of it feels so bad, right?

A Probably List of Event

So assume, the earth has had its doomsday, all humans are dead and the pale blue planet is now going through a very unusual phase. The religious beliefs indicate a resurrection of all humans to face judgment day; but that’s not our theory of discussion here. The series of events the disappearance of humans strike is what we are talking about, and here’s a list of events that is most likely to happen in sequence.

  • Power Outage: The whole earth will turn dark within two days of all human’s disappearance. There are automated power generation all across the world but that isn’t all automatic, every major step requires the intervention and observation of two legged humans. People feed the power generators and nuclear reactors with fuel, and if humans don’t exist there won’t be anyone left for refueling of these machineries.

 And eventually, the nuclear reactors will run out of their running capabilities as well. They will switch to safety mode, and plenty of nuclear power plants will explode due to malfunction to make the situation even worse.

  • Underground Flooding: There will be a lot of flooding of the underground installations like the subways. The sewerage and water pumping systems will not anymore work due to lack of power, and the pumps that keep the water away from people will fail to hold up the pressure anymore. This will collapse the underwater subways systems, as well as any other installation that is built under the feet. Cars parked few levels under the water will turn into submersibles, without power and human to operate them.
  • Animals to go crazy: Domesticated animals will start dying out since the caretakers aren’t alive anymore, and large pack of predators like dogs, wolves, foxes will be out on a hunting spree. This will certainly diminish the weaker species of animals living in the urban areas, however the wild ones will remain as strong as they are for a longer period of time. They will live based on their survival instincts.
  • Satellites will fall: After almost a year, the satellites and space stations will start to fall from the sky. No one will be alive to operate them, there wouldn’t probably be any power cell left either.
  • A green world? Have you watched ‘I am Legend’? Well, that’s how greeneries will start to take place even among the skyscrapers. Since no one is going to control the growth of trees and plants, they get to grow in every place and eventually cover the whole earth’s surface. Cities in UAE will be buried under sand.
  • Few thousand years later….: Well, if any human life form takes place again, they will probably dig the ground with utmost care and would probably find some hi-tech gizmos from our time, and these would become the classroom material and research element in the future universities. They would also probably laugh at ‘how silly the humans from thousand years ago were, and how weird their innovations used to be’.


So if you think deeply, probably now is the best time to leave some footprint on earth for the later generations to form a colony on earth. Probably 10,000 years later, but at least you should take an effort to spread the greatness we have now, right?

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