Top 10 Cricketers Who Died During a Cricket Match

Cricket is generally called the Gentleman’s game. However, many tragic incidents have made headlines for the game. Cricket can become dangerous too. Many players in the past have died playing their beloved game on the field. Cricket honors them for their participation and fans remember them for their spirit and love for the game. Here is the list 10 cricketers who died playing cricket on the field.

10. Richard Beaumont – England

Richard Beaumont died at the age of 33 while playing on the field. He collapsed on the ground and died on the spot. Doctors later confirmed that Richard Beaumont suffered a suspected heart attack and died as he collapsed on the ground. He died in the year of 2012.

9. Abdul Aziz – Pakistan

Abdul Aziz , the young promising cricketer died on the field while batting at the age of 18. He was hit at the chest by a bouncer and fell on the ground. He was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead there. Abdul Aziz died in 1959.

8. Wilf Slack – England

Wilf Slack died on the field in 1989. He suffered blackouts and died on the spot. He was playing in a domestic match. He suffered blackouts in previous matches as well. However, doctors never found in any reason of his blackouts and death; He was 34 years of old at the time of death.

7. Ian Folley – England

The 30 year old batsman was playing in a domestic match for Derbyshire when a ball climbed up unexpectedly and hit him between the eyes. This fatal accident led to a severe heart attack and Ian Folley died in 1993.

6. Zulfiqar Bhatti – Pakistan

Zulfiqar Bhatti was considered a young talent and died at the age of 22 years in 2013. He was hit on the chest while playing for a domestic match. He collapsed on the ground. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead by that time.

5. Darryn Randall – South Africa

Darryn Randall died due to injury in 2013. He was playing for his domestic team when a ball hit him on the side of his head. The blow made him collapsed on the ground. It was a fatal blow and he could not survive it. He was 32 years of old at the time of death.

4. George Summers – England

In one of the first incident of on field death, George Summers died in 1970. He was playing a match for Nottinghamshire and was hit on the head. He however got some treatment but died due to the blow 4 days later. He was only 25 years of old and could not survive the fatal blow.

3. Ankit Keshri – India

The young cricketer from India Ankit Keshri died on the ground after a head injury. He was playing in a domestic match and was hit by a ball on the head. It knocked him over as the 20 years old collapsed on the ground. He could not survive the blow and died due to the injury in 2015.

2. Raman Lamba – India

Raman Lamba was hit at the temple of his head when he was standing at the short leg in Bangladesh Domestic Cricket. The blow was very fatal but Lamba managed to absorb it for few minutes before collapsing on the ground. He remained in coma for couple days before passing away. He was 38 years of old.

1. Philip Hughes – Australia

Philip Hughes was an international Australian Player who died due to freakish accident on the ground. He was playing domestic cricket for South Australia when the ball hit him at the side of the neck. It led to vertebral artery dissection and brain hemorrhage. He stood at the ground after the blow for few seconds and then collapsed. He was unconscious after the blow and never regained the consciousness and died in 2014 after few days of the incident.

The freakish accidents have called for safety and precautions for the players’ every time. ICC is trying hard to focus on the safety of the players on the ground.

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