Top 10 Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Wife or Girlfriend

A woman is someone who adds meaning to a man’s life, whether she is his wife or girlfriend. She can be his best friend, companion and guide him through the toughest situations with her patience, instinct and inner strength. In fact, she is a pillar a man can lean on, which makes it all the more necessary to appreciate her by doing small little things for her. One of the best ways for doing so is to present her a meaningful gift on special occasions like Diwali.

In case you are confused about the gifts, here are top 10 best Diwali gifts for your wife or girlfriend:

1. Jewelry


As we all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friends, which make it imperative to gift your special woman a piece of diamond or gold jewelry as a Diwali gift, if your budget permits so. For those who are looking for inexpensive options, there is a lot of high quality designer imitation jewelry available these days.

2. Apparel

fashion clothing

Buy your wife or girlfriend traditional apparel, which she can wear for the Diwali Puja to make the occasion even more special for her. In case she prefers Western wear, gift her something she will look stunning in.

3. Perfumes


Every women loves fragrance and a perfume of her favorite brand will be an ideal gift for your wife or girlfriend on this Diwali. Do not hesitate on spending a fortune as the most priceless woman in your life deserves nothing but the best.

4. Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powder

Make sure that your wife or girlfriend looks dazzling by buying her cosmetics from her favorite brand. The gift will be definitely loved by her as it will tell her that you would always want her to look her best.

5. Accessories


Another excellent Diwali gift idea for your lady love is accessories like handbag, leather belt and watch. Buy a designer brand which she loves and bring a sparkle to her eyes on this Diwali night.

6. Mobile Phone

LG K10 4G Dual SIM Mobile Phone

For a woman who loves to own the latest in gadgets, a trendy mobile phone would make a wonderful Diwali gift. Pick the latest model in the market, which she can show off to her friends and also use to keep in touch with you all the time.

7. Surprise Dinner and Movie Date

Sydney’s Finest Restaurants

Make her Diwali special by planning a very special evening with a surprise dinner date at her favorite restaurant, followed by a late night movie show of a romantic film. But keep this gift reserved for the next day, as Diwali eve is to be spent at home.

8. Spa/Salon Voucher

A Spa Voucher

Pamper your wife or girlfriend by presenting her vouchers of the best spa and salon in your town. Give her the chance for relaxing and having a makeover this Diwali.

9. Home Appliances

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Oven Toaster Grill

One of the best gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend is a home appliance like a washing machine, microwave oven, blender or juicer. It will make her housework easier and also constantly remind her how much you care for her comfort.

10. A Box of Chocolates

A Box of Chocolates

For people with small budget, a box of chocolates all wrapped up, along with an “I Love You “ card would just do the trick of pleasing the special lady in your life on this Diwali.

Besides these gift options, the most amazing gift you can give to your wife or girlfriend on Diwali is your love and attention. Just let her know how much you love her and what she means to you!

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