Top 10 Most Famous Restaurants in India

India is known as the land of multiple spices, culinary tradition and numerous aromas. This is one of the dream destination of foodies of the world. Due to huge size and population, there are the variety of dishes found in each city. Each city of the nation has couple of well-known restaurants that serves the famous local cuisine. From street food to well-established dining food, you will find a variety of options in this land.

Here is the list of top 10 best Indian restaurants known for its special cuisine


10. The Bangala, Karaikudi

The restaurant of The Bangala Hotel is known for serving the delicious Chettinad dishes (like chicken pepper fry etc.) in a large banana leaf instead of plates. This place is well known for its food and hospitality. These dishes are prepared using the traditional methods, mixed with potato croquettes and mint to give a wonderful multi-course meal.

9. Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad

For the food lovers who are fond of Hyderabadi food, Hotel Shadab is the right place for you. His special dish is Hyderabadi Biryani – a mixture of rice and non-veg curry. The vegetarian form of famous Hyderabadi biryani is also available here. It is often packed with visitors who shared the delicious food together.

8. Bukhara, New Delhi

Bukhara restaurant located infamous ITC Maurya Hotel was founded in 1977. It is known for serving food inspired by Northwest Frontier. The main chef of Bukhara Hotel is Chef JP Singh – a famous Chef of India. He cooks the delicious non-veg food eaten by paratha bread. The ambiance of the dining room is cool and dark gives a unique experience to food lovers of fine Indian dining.

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7. Shree Thaker Bhojanalay, Mumbai

Shree Thaker Bhojanalay is situated in old Mumbai and famous for its Gujarati thali. This is one of the undisputed champions of Gujarati food. A number of dishes served in multiple bowls complemented by bread and chutney. Diners can expect dishes like kadhi (chickpea flour kaporas with yogurt), shaak (vegetables cooked in gravy) and roti (flatbread) all washed down with a glass of chaas (buttermilk).

6. Karavalli, Bangalore

Karavalli is the 22-year-old famous restaurant of Bangalore. It has been recently refurbished and attracts huge traditional South Indian Food loving community. The foodies come here from the whole of the south India (i.e. from Coorg to Travancore) to enjoy the delicious food which also shows a remarkable regional incredible diversity.

5. Neel, Mumbai

Neel is one of the well-known and popular eating point of Mumbai. It is a place of an elegant blend of traditional and modern food. It is famous for serving Muslim Nawabi food items with little flavor of Western ingredients. It is the new version of Mumbai restaurateur Rahul Akerkar, old concept, Tote.

4. Indian Accent at the Manor, New Delhi

It is consistently ranked as one of the best modern restaurants in India. The hotel has the lavish Indian accent. This has been opened in the number of countries and formed the delicious dishes as per the local food habits.

3. Bademiya, Mumbai

Bademiya is based out of Colaba area of Mumbai. It is one of the famous street food eating points of the city. It serves the delicious, simple spicy kabab along with roti. This casual food attracts the number of foodies all over from Mumbai in late night as well. It also serves the vegetarian snack like paneer rolls and bhajis. Recently, they made some changes like introducing a couple of payment seats etc.

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2. Karim’s, Old Delhi

It is a well-known an eating point of Old Delhi. This is not only a restaurant but a local institution of food lovers. Recently Karim’s celebrated 100 years of its business. They are in this food business since the 19th century. They still serve delicious and classic seek kebabs and roti.

1. Punjab Grill, Mumbai

Punjab Grill is next name in the list of the famous Indian restaurant. It is taking inspiration from melting pot of the Punjab region. It is the rich blend of Hindu, Muslim, Pathan and Sikh cuisines. It is famous food chain in India known for its four varieties of kebab and tandoori duck. It also serves the delicious vegetarian food.

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