Top 10 Best Ladies Handbag Brands in India

keeping with the latest trend and style, ladies handbags occupy the most defining aspect of any women’s accessory. Along with dressing and makeup; they play a crucial role in personal grooming. From leather to plastic and fibre to fabric, different material is used for designing these.

There are various types of ladies hand bags- simple or boxed hand bag (handheld), shoulder bag, the satchel (worn across the shoulder, many pockets), wallets and clutches (hand held), hobo bag (crescent shaped), totes, shopping or beach bags (casual and large).

The ladies hand bag market is huge in India with a wide ranging price tag. There are several brands of ladies handbags available with retailers. We have shortlisted these top ten best selling ladies handbags in India, according to their cost, quality, utility and reliability.

10. Kara


It’s a Delhi based manufacturer, which, started out in 2009. They have exclusive stores in New Delhi and have tie-ups with several retail owners across India. They offer a wide variety of handbags for different occasions and individuals in various segments.

9. Da Milano

Da Milano

This brand has earned a big name for its stylised and high end quality, designer products. It has around 38 showrooms in the country. It’s popular for launching at least 4 new designs in a month. They offer mid range priced items.

8. Lino Perros

Lino Perros

In 1999, Lino Perros was launched for garnering a brand name for its accessories. They claim to have innovative and authentic designs for various customers. Winner of several awards, they are known to design low cost to mid range but refined quality products.

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7. Ladida


It was launched in 2001. They have shunned the use of leather products completely and manufacture only non-leather or faux material. Also, they claim to have the top designers at service for unique and trendy goods.

6. Peperone


It began manufacturing primarily leather products in 2010. Since then it has earned a reputation for concentrating on detailed craftsmanship and utility item. Their focus has been on the regular women who deal and move in the real world and not some celebrity or party girl. They offer mid range, easy to carry hand bags.