Top 10 Best Microwave Oven Brands in India

Microwave ovens have become a necessity in households today, as they can help you cook faster and healthier, as microwave cooking needs much less oil and time, as compared to conventional cooking techniques, that makes it an essential part of out lives and kitchen. The Indian market is flooded with a large number of microwave brands with some amazing features.

How To Select Best Microwave Oven In India

There are a variety of Microwave models available in the market from different manufacturers which increase the confusion for a buyer. If you are a first time buyer you need to understand the types of Microwaves available in the market:

Microwave Mode Model: These types of microwaves are used for basic cooking, heating of food items.

Grill Microwaves Model: In grill types of microwaves you can cook the food in microwave mode and can grill it too. It helps in cooking the food deep inside by slow grilling process.

Convection Mode Model: These types of microwaves are used where food is cooked with preheating feature. It is used to make cakes, bread, cookies, etc. It helps in bringing brownish beautiful color on the food.

You can use these features in combinations too, depending on the requirement of the dish you are cooking. So you need to understand first about your requirement and what type of dishes you will be cooking in microwave.

More features will lead to high prices and basic range of Microwave models start from Rs 5000 and can reach to Rs 30000 and more depending on the various options and features available in the model you have selected.

The capacity of the Microwave ranges from 10 to 35 liters, so according to the number of family members for whom you will be cooking food you should select the capacity too. Before buying the microwave decide a place to keep it. Select the type of model according to your budget, need and space to keep it.

Some of the famous brands in the country which offers high quality microwaves are IFB, Samsung , LG etc.

List of Best Microwave Oven Brands in India

10. Onida


Onida is a well known Indian consumer goods brand, which has been in the market since 1981. It presents a wide range of options including grill, solo, convection and barbecue. These products have some excellent features such as auto cook, steam clean and calorie meter.

9. Bajaj


Another trusted microwave brand in India 2015 is Bajaj, a company established in 1926 and engaged in manufacture of a wide range of products, including home appliances, electrical goods and automobiles. Bajaj brings excellent features such as keep warm, digital timer and easy jog dial, all at a reasonable price.

8. Panasonic


Next on the list of top 10 best microwave brands in India 2015 is Panasonic, which dates back to 1918 and is reputed for bringing quality blended with advanced technology in its products. The variant available in this brand include convection, grill and inverter.

7. Kenstar


Next on this list is an Indian brand, Kenstar, which entered the market in 1996 and has made its stronghold here with a wide variety, along with durability and affordability. Some of the features offered by this leading microwave brand are sensi grill, auto cook menu and multi stage cooking.

6. Electrolux


Electrolux is another well known home appliances brand, which was founded way back in 1918 and has established itself as a trustworthy brand today. It showcases a brilliant range in grill, solo and convection microwaves, which are loaded with features like auto cook, tandoori heater and 360 degree clean.

5. Godrej


One of the oldest runners in the consumer goods market in India, Godrej is a renowned manufacturer of microwave ovens, which are appreciated for their durability, stylish looks and great features. Some of the best features offered by this brand are multi stage cooking, insta cook menus, auto deodorizer and jet defrost.

4. Whirlpool


The pioneering home appliances brand, Whirpool is the next one to be included among the top rated microwave brands in the country, with the credit going to its unique features and economical prices. Speed cooking, auto reheat, auto cook menus and jet start are some of the amazing features to look for in Whirlpool microwaves.

3. LG


Featuring next on the list of top 10 best microwave oven brands in India 2015 is the South Korean manufacturer, LG, which is known for bringing a combination of quality and affordability. Power convection, multi functional cooking and stainless interior are some of the features provided in the brand.

2. Samsung


Samsung is another leading consumer appliances brand, which is reputed for making use of the latest technology in its products. Samsung microwave ovens are loaded with some great features such as precision cooking, steam cleaning and tandoor technology. They are available in solo, grill and convection variants.

1. IFB


One of the most popular microwave oven brands in India 2015 is IFB, which showcases a wide variety of models, equipped with excellent features such as steam cleaning, deodorize and multi stage coking. Additionally, it is known for latest technology and long warranty period.

Difference Between OTG and Microwave Oven

All you need to know about OTG

The oven-toast-griller or OTG is a short type of oven which is used to heat the food items. If you are finding it difficult to determine whether you should purchase OTG or the microwave oven then you should check some vital information about OTG:

Ideal for baking-   The OTG is a particular machine which can be ideal for baking works. If you love to bake various foodstuffs and items regularly, then you can go for the OTG instead of the microwave oven.

Small electrical ovens– One should always consider that the OTG is a small electrical oven which works on the electricity, not on the microwaves. On the opposite side, the microwave oven works on the microwaves, not on the electricity.

Front door and removable wire rack– whenever you will purchase an OTG, you may find that there are door and removable wire rack. To determine that you have selected excellent quality of OTG, these are the two main things that you have to consider.

It doesn’t use microwaves to heat up as mentioned earlier, what OTG does not use the microwaves to heat the food items and stuff.  The heating capability and technique directly differentiate the OTG from the microwave oven.

With the help of the information that you have collected about OTG, it will become easy and straightforward for you to choose any of the OTG or microwave oven.

All you need to know about Microwave Oven

After discussing a lot more about the OTG now, this can be the best time for you to check out some brief information about the microwave oven.  It does not matter whether you want to purchase a microwave oven system on the OTG system, but you should always know what the differences are between OTG and microwave oven.

Microwave Oven uses Microwaves- for heating the foodstuffs and items, the microwave oven will always use the microwaves instead of the electricity.  This is why you should decide whether you want to go for or microwave heating formula or electricity is hitting formula in terms of the OTG and microwave oven respectively.

Water molecules heat up the food- in the OTG system, water molecules do not heat the food. On the other hand, the microwave oven system uses the water molecules to the heat of the food items. This is yet another significant difference that you can determine about OTG and microwave oven systems.

With the help of given information about OTG and microwave oven systems, you can easily decide which item is best. Seriously, the task of choosing appropriate home appliances for the homeowners could be challenging and demanding for the homeowners. Due to lack of knowledge and information about various types of home appliances, it could be tough to decide which kind of home appliances you should buy for your home. Choosing between an OTG and microwave oven can be a huge challenge for the homeowners.


As we know Microwaves are great necessity for modern kitchen because It helps us in saving time required for cooking food.

So, Pick amongst one of these brands in microwave ovens, if you need a durable product along with best quality and good features.

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