Top 21 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in India 2018 With Price

Summers are approaching again and one just cannot live without air conditioners – the most important electrical appliance. Without AC, it is virtually impossible to survive in this scorching heat. Just having an AC doesn’t fix this problem. It takes a lot of power and increases your power bills to a huge amount. Hence, modern air conditioners come with power saving features and energy star ratings. The more the stars, the more is power saving. Several households have old air conditioners installed that eat a lot of power.

With right information, selecting the best air conditioner is like an icing on a cake. First of all, you have to know the types of air conditioners in the market to choose the best suited unit for the home. It is always wise to know the technical specifications in long run. First of all, you have to know your specific needs. Consider these things before looking around –

  • Size of your room
  • Number of windows in your room
  • Frequency of using your AC
  • Your budget

Types of Air Conditioners

Portable AC Units

As the name suggests, you can move portable air conditioners from one room to another and use heat exchange principles as in-built models. They can dehumidify and cool the air.


  • You can move it from one room to another
  • You can plug it into normal power point, without any professional installation


  • Some are just suited as personal coolers instead of room ones.

Window Air Conditioners

Across all market segments, window air conditioners are the most common types of air conditioners in the country. One has to install window AC in window sill to exhaust hot air outside. Basically, window units need some kind of installation to support weight, including metal frame or wooden plank.


  • Available as single unit, so easier to remove or install
  • Costs lesser and more affordable than split AC
  • More convenient for those who have to shift homes more often


  • Blocks the window as it is installed on window sill
  • You can install it only when you have window, or you have to renovate your room.

Split Air Conditioners

Generally, split air conditioners are used to cool several rooms or an open area. Compressor unit is installed outside and 1 or 2 outlets are indoors.

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  • Added flexibility on locating outer component as compared to wall models.
  • Quiet operation
  • Cool open plan areas too
  • Aesthetic and appealing designs
  • Proper air flow


  • Cannot cool more than single open-plan area or a few rooms
  • More expensive than window or portable AC units
  • Comes with separate external and internal units that must be joined. It needs permanent fixing and drilling.

Inverter AC

It is yet another innovation in technology of cooling. It is less noisy and more energy efficient when compared to non-inverter or adapter-based air conditioners. In case of a normal AC without inverter, if the temperature of AC is set at 20 Deg. C, your air conditioner will turn off every time when temperature goes below 20 Degree and you need to switch it on again when temperature exceeds 20.  It causes lots of power wastage and the periodic noise is also annoying.

On the other side, inverter air conditioners can keep the temperature in your room stable without having to turn it on and off over and over again. Inverter AC consumes less power but actual figure is a matter of discussion.

Ducted Air Conditioners

You can install these air conditioners on the ground outside or in the roof. It ducts the air from various outlets through the house.


  • Designed with several zones to cool just particular areas or all the room.
  • Added flexibility to position it
  • Energy efficient


  • Should be installed professionally
  • Not available ‘off the shelf’ and the AC must be customized to the house
  • More expensive as compared to wall mounted and split AC units
  • Doesn’t work in very humid conditions.

Reverse Cycle AC Units

They are available in any of the above mentioned AC unit types.


  • Cheapest and affordable form of heating
  • One system for both cooling and heating
  • Creates lowest CO2 emissions


  • More expensive as compared to cooling-based models

How to Choose the Best AC Unit for Your Home?

Choosing the ideal electronics brand has always been a tough job. These days, brand name speaks about the products. The brand builds trust more than description. When it comes to air conditioners, you can find a lot of brands. There are several air conditioner brands in the market and Indian market has a lot of models. Here, we are going to help you choose the best AC brand without wasting time any longer.

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Air Conditioning Technology

You have to judge the brands according to their air conditioning technology. There are some brands come with world-class air conditioning technology with proper research on cooling. As compared to ordinary air conditioners, an advanced technology lasts longer with higher efficiency. But these air conditioners are generally expensive and people tend to avoid buying them. Efficiency of these air conditioners matters the most.

Don’t Always Fall for Brand offering Multiple Appliances

If one brand is offering several other appliances, it doesn’t really mean that it is well versed in cooling. It is because they need to focus on several other things and getting the best in everything is not always possible. Those who cannot afford expensive air conditioners can choose such brands. But you have to choose only top brands. You have to study such brands and the way they rate in the market. They come in virtually all areas along with their service centers. It ensures reliability and ease and value for money.

Less Price is Not Always Good

Several brands offer cheapest ACs to attract customers. Do they ensure proper cooling? Leave efficient cooling, they also have low energy star rating and you will surely double your bills. Never choose the brands selling air conditioners at prices lower than their actual market price. Buying an AC is long-term commitment. So, you should never go for the brand due to which you have to spend more after warranty period. Leave your emotions behind when it comes to buy an air conditioner.

Here is the List of all the AC companies in India with Low Power Consumption:

21. Mitashi 


Mitashi is yet another trusted home appliances brand synchronizing emotions and interlinking hearts. The brand weaves the dream with every wonderful creation. It is known for providing world class AC units in both split and window variants.

Price Range: Rs. 23000 to Rs. 30000

20. Sansui 


Since inception in Tokyo, Japan in 1947, Sansui brought the new way of entertainment to the world. The company has its amazing presence in around 100 nations. The company is well versed to create and design innovative products to benefit the individuals. It is known to redefine entertainment with latest innovations. In 1997, Sansui reached India. Sansui prides itself for its groundbreaking technologies and it is the No.1 brand in customer satisfaction in the country. It is known to be the most loved brand in India known for great after-sales service and new age technology.

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Price Range: Rs. 20000 to Rs. 38000

19. Kelvinator


When it comes to deliver world-class home appliances, Kelvinator is a name to reckon with and it is famous for making world-class air conditioners. For up to 100 years now, Kelvinator is the brand synonymous with quality, excellence, trust and unmatched reliability. The brand is serving Indian market for so many years and it is known to maintain and strengthen legacy by offering world-class technology.

Price Range: Rs. 20000 to Rs. 40000

18. Whirlpool


It is among the leading producers of quality air conditioners that started focusing on air conditioners from fridges successfully. They are offering affordable yet quality air conditioners with nice cooling. The brand has put a lot of focus on power saving.

Price Range: Rs. 28000 to Rs. 50000

17. Blue Star

Blue Star

It is yet another brand which is one of the oldest AC brands in India as it was founded in 1943. It is offering air conditioners as their niche products. They have fulfilled the needs of millions of users and they specialize in residential and commercial cooling. The corporate range of this brand extends beyond their residential AC services.

Another company that was founded in India around 1943, is Blue Star. Not only is it one of the oldest great ac brands in India, it is also features in the oldest consumer electronics companies that started here. Blue Star 5HW18SA1 Split AC is yet another popular model that works very well for a lot of homes due to their durability and size.

Price Range: Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000

16. Hyundai


Hyundai Corporation has expanded its reach by creating home appliances. It is the world-class brand which is committed to deliver new value for buyers and home appliances from Hyundai are known to forge brighter future. It is a leading South Korean brand with presence in up to 100 nations across the world. Bring a Hyundai air conditioner at home and enjoy valuable moments.

Price Range: Rs. 19000 to Rs. 30000

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  1. Binu Mishra says:

    Lg is one of the leading home appliances based company. Recently LG launched 19 new models of air conditioners which have obtained the Energy Frontier certification, which means that over 150% energy is saved.

  2. MILIND T says:

    There is a “TRANE” brand which has the most innovative Interactive Air conditioners in the premium range starting with price of 33k….They have most advanced technology which helps user to operate the AC’s in the home thru just a single Interactive Remote…you can operate as good as 18 AC’S what is also interesting is these AC’s are connected wirelessly with Interactive Electronic Mortise lock which can control your AC’S from your Door itself…check it out on

    1. BATATA VADA says:

      33 K for AC is too much, are the compressors made of GOLD,
      also i have seen these ac’s are MADE in CHINA by another badothri companies.
      people can buy two AC pf another brand for this price.
      your writings are not acceptable to indian public,
      teach our hindusthanies MAKE IN INDIA,

  3. RAMU PAHAWAN says:

    These are amatuer opinion, no body buys AC’s of Videocon , whirlpool and Haier

    1. PACHU SARKAR says:

      you are right Ramu , you don’t get these brands in Reliance , Croma and vijay sales. then who sells and who buys ?

  4. Bajrangi lal says:

    they are independence day offer brands sold at 30% discount

  5. Johnny says:

    You completely forgot the top 3 brands 1. Daikin 2. Mitshibishi & 3. Carrier

  6. Manabika Das says:

    Videocon AC is the horrible I have ever seen. And their customer care is pathetic then that. Never ever go for Videcon AC.

  7. revati says:

    Its really very helpful ,thanks for sharing this AC brands list,keep updating more threads.

  8. Shobhit says:

    Top end




    Blue star

  9. Vikram says:

    Absolutely rubbish. All the top brands are ranked at 8 to 10 and low brands are ranked 1,2,4, etc.

    These are rankings for AC brands according to me :

    1. Hitachi
    2. Daikin
    3. O General
    4. Carrier
    5. Blue Star
    6. Panasonic
    7. Voltas
    8. LG
    9. Samsung
    10. Lloyd

  10. Rajit says:

    Very helpful article to choose best air conditioner brands. Thanks!

  11. prabir says:

    Daikin is the best ac brand.

  12. Hina Khan says:

    Voltas is one of the best and most affordable ac.

    1. Gurmej Singh says:

      Yes I have bought this.cooling is good

  13. Md.Arman says:

    Thanks for sharing the complete list of all ACs brands in india.

  14. Rithin says:

    According to my observation Voltas and Blue Star are the best Air Conditioner Brands

  15. rocky says:

    Hyundai is the best ac brand ,which is value for money product

  16. Kiran says:

    How is mitsubishi I am very much inclined to buy it but not sure about its after sale service pls respond and heard very negative reviews regarding diakin inverter ac.

  17. Ansh says:

    Beautiful article. Helping a lot to choose best AC brand. But I think Voltas Ac is best as it money worth product,

  18. Prabhu says:

    halo sir ! pl suggest me best Ac with latest features ….

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