Top 10 Best Multani Mitti Brands In India

Do you want a radiant, natural look on your face? But, feeling hesitant to spend thousands of rupees on beauty treatments, facials, or daily care products? You should give a try to a natural remedy called Multani Mitti. It is the best approach to make skin glowing and supple.

In addition, it works as a cleanser for the body, eliminating dirt and dead skin. One with acne problems due to oily skin, applying multani mitti helps in treating this problem as it has the ability to retain moisture.

But, it is difficult to judge which pack of multani mitti is made of good quality ingredient. To narrow down the list of best Multani Mitti products, we have mentioned some of the well-known brands in India.


List of Top Multani Mitti Brands in India

1. Indus Valley Bio Organic

Indus Valley Bio Organic has brought a wide range of hair, body, and skin products. They are also certified organic by leading international organizations, such as India Organic, USDA Organic, and Bio-Natural. FSSAI even authorizes some products as edible. Ingredients and products Indus Produces are chemical-free.

  • Bentonite Clay Multani Mitti Powder

Organic Multani Mitti by Indus Valley is specially formulated to keep your skin and hair healthy and shiny. Due to being filtered three times, undeniably, this product stands out. Plus, it doesn’t contain filters and preservatives, making Multani powder the best option to treat acne and pimples. Apart from having cleansing and purifying properties, Bentonite Clay Multani Power by Indus offers healthy hair and skin.

2. HerbtoniQ

In this list, HerbtoniQ is a premium brand of organic and premium quality natural skin and hair care products available at affordable prices. What sets HerbtoniQ apart is that it offers cruelty-free, silicone-free products and free of harmful ingredients and artificial preservatives.

  • 100% Natural Multani Mitti Powder

Powder form Multani Mitti by HerbtoniQ is infused with the richness of Kaolinite, Montmorillonite, Aluminum Silicates, and Attapulgites, as well as minerals like Quartz, Dolomite, and Calcite. Apart from being free of chemicals, this 100% natural Multani Shakti is a premium choice for skin, such as removing dead skin cells and dirt, as well as for hair, such as dandruff. It is a good investment for both men and women.

3. Skin Elements

Skin Elements has established intending to encourage hygiene and wellness among people. Over time, Skin Elements has taken its brand name to the next level. This is the reason their products make your life healthy and happy. All of the products are directly derived from natural ingredients. The best-selling goods are Intimate Hygiene Wipes with Tea Tree Oil & Neem Extracts Avoids Itching & Allergies, Multani Mitti Face Pack for All Skin Types and Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil.

  • Multani Mitti Face Pack For All Skin Types

As its name implies, the product is best suited for all skin types. This product’s quality of repairing skin and making people look youthful makes it the best. As per the product description, this multani mitti pack has been prepared to keep in mind the wisdom of the ancients which is why they are sure of its quality. Traditional and Ayurvedic Indian beauty ingredients and methods have been used to prepare this face pack.

4. Patanjali Ayurveda

Patanjali Ayurved Limited prepares quality goods using natural and organic ingredients. Introduced by Balkrishan and Ramdev, Patanjali owns a market reputation over the period. The brand is famous for producing and supplying ayurvedic medicine, cosmetics, food, and personal care products. Products offered by Patanjali are prepared using quality products that are chemical-free.

  • Patanjali Aloe vera Multani Mithi Face Pack

Multani Mitti pack by Patanjali is a great mix of clay and minerals for youthful rejuvenating skin. Its minerals help nourish and repair your skin while removing impurities and soothing and cooling the skin. Plus, it provides a radiant glow instantly and reduces the effects of skin disease.

5. Havintha

Havintha keeps the holistic approach in mind while producing its products. Each product is infused with a natural formula. Today, the brand deals with skincare, hair care, and health care goods. All organic products are made of the purest ingredients that are thoroughly safe and organic due to being derived from nature.

  • Natural Multani Mitti Powder

With the thought of taking care of hair and skin, this product has been formulated. The purpose of Natural powder is to collect excess oil effectively. Since it contains magnesium chloride, it helps remove blemishes, toxins, and acne from your skin.

6. O4u

O4u was not a very well-known brand then, but offering a comprehensive range of organic products made the brand popular. Every product by O4u comprises ingredients derived from different parts of the world, making them different from other brands. They don’t compromise on the quality and texture of products and promise to meet customers’ needs.

  • Freshest Organic Multani Mitti Powder

The product is pesticide-free and ideal for all skin types. To clean impurities and toxins from the skin, you should buy it. Apart from removing pigmentation, it also adds glow to the skin. The brand claims this product also treats tan and acne well.

7. Pure Herbology

Pure Herbology has earned a reputation among Indian customers. They have an exclusive range of organic products, including Orange Peel Powder, Aritha Reeta Powder, Amla Powder, Multani Mitti Powder, etc.

  • 100% Pure and Natural Multani Mitti Powder

One significant quality of Multani Powder is its earthy and natural aroma. Because its texture is dry, the product is best for pimple-prone and oily skin. It can be used on the hair and scalp, reduces acne & blemishes, and naturally cleans them.

8. Old tree

An old tree is a sought-after brand of hair oil, bath soap, Multani Mitti, Hair old, body butter, etc. The organization is using the advanced and latest technology in the products of goods. Providing natural skincare and hair care products without compromising on quality is the purpose of the brand.

  • Pure and Natural Multani Mitti Powder

It is an amazing product for skin and hair. The product has various benefits, such as reducing pigmentation, unclogs pores, removing dead skin cells, and, most importantly, being suitable for all skin types.

9. Etheric

Etheric specializes in traditional, eco-friendly, natural, personal, herbal & organic care and lifestyle products. All of its goods originated from raw materials and quality herbs. With an aim to ensure the best and healthiest quality, Etheric has gained popularity among users.

  • Etheric Multani Mitti Powder

Hydrating skin is a significant quality of this powder. It cleans up whiteheads as well as blackheads. Plus, it helps removes toxins from the deep layers of skin.

10. Forest Herbs

As its name suggests, Forest Herbs produce goods using natural ingredients like herbs, flowers, etc. you can choose a wide variety of products, from hair products to skincare.

  • Face Care Powder

Face Care Multani powder by Forest Herbs contains Vitamin C, which helps you to protect your skin from UV rays. You will need to add this powder along with curd, honey, milk, or water for rejuvenating skin.

Final Words:

Multani Mitti, commonly known as Fuller’s Earth, has the ability to nourish, exfoliate and cleanse the skin naturally. However, whether your skin is dry, oily or mixed, both men and women can use this traditional hack. The availability of minerals in Multani mitti reduces acne and nourishes the skin, apart from promoting hair growth and cleansing the scalp.

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