10 Interesting Facts About Stars That Will Surprise You

Stars are some of the amazing things that we can see during nighttime in the sky. In fact, these have become romantic symbols, especially to those many lovers and couples out there. Stars are actually heavenly bodies that can shed a very luminous light just like the sun. In this regard, here are the 10 interesting facts pertaining to the stars:

#10. The entire universe is composed of indefinite number of stars. Meaning to say, it will be impossible to determine the exact number of stars that keep on shining in the universe. Even so, scientists have determined an approximate number of stars, and this is around 400 billion spread in over 500 billion galaxies.


#9. The earth is billion miles away from the stars. In fact, the luminous light shed by the stars will still travel a million years before it can be seen and enjoyed by a lot of people in the earth. This is how far earth and stars are. So, when you are looking at the beautiful shining stars, you are actually looking on the stars that give a shining light thousand of years ago.

#8. When you’re here standing in the earth watching on the stars, they actually look like a single star. That is why you can see big and small stars that are very luminous in the eyes. But the truth is, what you can see are actually a group of stars or the so-called binary star system. It is the extremely far distance that gives us the illusion that we’re only seeing a single star.

#7. Out of the approximately 400 billion stars, there are 50 of them that are considered to be the brightest ones. The least bright among the 50 is the star known as the Alpha Centauri. But the thing is, the Alpha Centauri is still much brighter when it comes to light compared to the sun, and many people do not know that for sure.

#6. Not all of the approximately 400 billion stars can be seen by the naked eyes of the people living on earth. It is simply because they have different levels of farness and nearness to the earth. Those that can be seen in the earth are nearer on it or simply brighter than the others. There are those much brighter, but still can’t be seen because of its extremely far distance.

#5. Stars come with different colors, and you surely notice that. There are those stars that are shining a reddish bright light and a clear white light. Moreover, there are also those stars that give off a beautiful, shining bluish color. These different colors of them actually have great significance. The blue one means very hot, the white one means the stars are in neutral hotness, while the reddish one means the least hot.

#4. Stars don’t have the capability to twinkle. So, why are they twinkling sometimes? Well, here is the best explanation behind that thing. When the stars are nearer the horizon, they would normally appear like twinkling in our eyes. However, the twinkling is actually because of the turbulent atmosphere of the earth.

#3. As said, stars have varied distances to the earth. There are those nearer, and there are also those that are extremely far. Even so, the nearest star on the earth is just 4.2 light-years away. This very near star is none other than Proxima Centauri.

#2. Stars also differ in sizes. There is this star known as Betelgeuse, which is a thousand times bigger when compared to the sun, and 20 times heavier than the sun. However, the largest star in the universe that is 1,800 times bigger to the sun is the VY Canis Majoris.

#1. The sizes of the stars have significant value in determining their life span. The smaller size stars are known to have higher life years, while the bigger ones only have a few years to live in the universe.

These are 10 interesting facts regarding stars that you must know. Stars are definitely interesting subjects that should be tackled about.

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