10 Best Taurus Woman Quotes

If you are wondering about how to find a Taurus woman in a room full of people, then it should not be as difficult a task as you think. She will be the one with her chin up high and masculine-like qualities such as her unstoppable opinionated personality. This woman is a control freak and wants to have a control over everything that goes shout at her. Yet, this is just one type of Taurus woman which is comparatively easy to spot. While the other Taurus woman is warm and fragile looking. It is curious that this Taurus woman is a perfect blend of introvert and extrovert both combined together. But honestly, she is going to be a sight to your sore eyes.

To know more about the Taurus goddesses, read these quotes which perfectly describes a Taurus woman.

1. She will not lead you and she will not follow you, she will stand alone. She follows her own path in life and knows when to act. She is self-sufficient and would prefer to get things done she. She likes her own space and quiet time to rejuvenate. She always has a wall up to protect herself from the big bad world. She is not harsh she is realistic. She will only love you if she can trust you. Taurus is the builders of the zodiac. They will build and forge successful careers and they will amass wealth and they will do this all on their own, without anyone else’s help.

2. She is not afraid to go after what she wants; her love is loyal and her heart is passionate about the ones she truly cares about; she likes things her way and hates when others try to dictate her life; being out of her comfort zone is a pet peeve; she is emotional and easily hurt when she is doing her best but it is not recognized; she can be feisty when pushed to that point.

3. No matter how much she cares, a Taurus woman is smart enough to know when it is time to let something or someone go.

4. Love is in a Taurus’s mind, but freedom is in their soul.

5. The reason why a Taurus woman is so brutally honest about things is that she is not scared of you, at all.

6. A Taurus woman is independent and has a mind of her own. She is quiet but has strong opinions, therefore is hard to beat in an argument as she generally knows what she is talking about. She hates to be the center of attraction but is the kind of woman who can walk into a room and gain the entire focus of the strangers so effortlessly. She is stronger than she looks and wise beyond her years. She can be stubborn but this works to her advantage as she never gives up until she gets what she wants. If she does not think you are sincere you will get no further than the conversation you just had. The twinkle in her eyes reveals a deeper more passionate side to her personality.

7. If you marry a Taurus woman, you are not marrying a gold-digger or crybaby but a self-sufficient woman of passion and creation.

8. A Taurus woman is a wifey material and she will treat you better than any other girl you have been with.

9. A Taurus woman is the best of both worlds. She is that independent, focused, ambitious queen. She is a total boss. She can handle her own self. And she is alpha as they can be. But at the same time, she knows where to draw the line and be the woman. She has a soft, submissive side, with a heart of gold. She is affectionate, passionate, and extremely sexual. She knows how to take care of a man. She is spiritual, selfless and understands the definition of unconditional love. She is it. She is the best of both worlds and whoever God decides to send her will be the luckiest man alive.

10. Taurus woman typically has a lot of patience. That is why you should be really worried if they blow up in anger because you might have provoked her to.

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