12 Awesome Facts About Nuclear Energy You Should Know

Just in case you don’t know, everything around us has this thing called atoms. Atoms are very tiny objects composed with some elements such as nucleus, protons, neutrons, and electrons. The nucleus, in which the protons and neutrons are located, is the main great source of nuclear energy that is widely used all over the world these days. In fact, countries that have the capability to extract this nuclear energy are considered to be powerful. In this regard, here are 12 awesome facts regarding nuclear energy everyone should know:

#12. Nuclear energy has been produced by powerful countries all throughout the world like the United States of America. This energy is processed in the nuclear power plants. These power plants use an ultimate method known as “nuclear fission”. This is actually the process of splitting the atoms.

Nuclear Energy

#11. In the United States of America, 20% of the electrical supplies comes from the 104 nuclear plants that are spreading in the entire USA. Since the year 1979, USA has already been taking advantage of the nuclear energy.

#10. As of today, there are only 31 countries in the entire world that have the capacity to make use of nuclear energy because they are only the one that have nuclear power plants available. All in all, nuclear energy has been produced in 430 nuclear power plants in the entire world.

#9. Nuclear energy is not that easy to produce. A substantial amount of water is needed by the nuclear power plants necessary in steam production as well as in the cooling process. A lot of nuclear power plants acquire great amounts of water from the river and lakes.

#8. The prices of electricity generated from gas and coal may rise and fall, but not with the electricity produced by the nuclear energy that is processed and produced in a nuclear power plant.

#7. The nuclear energy plantations in the United States are highly regulated by several nuclear-energy related organizations. They are being scrutinized well in order to maintain safety and proper production process.

#6. In the United States alone, there are tons of radioactive wastes being recorded in each year of producing nuclear energy. This is around 2,000 metric tons.

#5. Nuclear energy produced in the entire world is impossible to make it happen without the presence of a very important element. This particular element is a nonrenewable source that is still needed to be mined, that is why it is very expensive to produce nuclear energy. Such element is none other than uranium.

#4. In the attempt of producing more supplies of nuclear energy, there were nuclear energy-related accidents that happened in the world. One was the one that occurred in Pripyat, Ukraine particularly in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

#3. In terms of producing electricity supplies, nuclear energy is very eco-friendly, and it is simply because it can highly produce low-carbon amounts of electricity. Keep in mind that carbon can harm the atmosphere and the ozone layer.

#2. Amongst the numerous sources of electricity, it is of no question that the nuclear energy processed in the nuclear plants is something much reliable and affordable. The other sources are way expensive, and these other sources are natural gas, wind, and coal. You can never be out of electricity supply with the nuclear energy. In fact, the nuclear energy has 86% of operational efficiency.

#1. The nuclear energy industry these days is really booming, as far as success rate is concerned. In fact, there is an expected $16 million revenue of the usual nuclear power plants available in the world. But in the United States of America, $470 million is the expected amount to generate from manufacturing nuclear energy, giving a lot of benefits to the local infrastructures, roads, streets and many other things.

These are the 12 awesome facts regarding nuclear energy that you must know. Without a doubt, nuclear energy is something that will help a lot not only the people, but the countries as well.

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