How to join NGO in India?

NGO means a Non-governmental organization. It is a voluntary, non-profit making, service-oriented organization that works for great social benefits and target groups.

NGO is responsible for performing different roles in society. Almost all the areas are covered by the NGOs, which include social development, finance, resources, culture, human settlements, education, and energy. These NGOs play an effective role to change the landscape of the present-day world.

They are the conscience keeps of modernized democracy. Earlier the people had some vague idea about working in the Non-governmental organization entails but now various things have been changed in the perception of NGOs and their workers.

The NGOs are highly professional in the approach. They are more oriented and focused on the targeted areas. If you are passionate about something and have the willingness of making a difference, can approach issue easily with professionalism and objectivity. Then you are perfect for being a part of an NGO.

Who must work in an NGO?

For joining NGO, you don’t need a certificate or have to be a graduate. The most important to keep in mind while joining NGO is, you must have felt doing good for society. India is having more than 31 lakh NGOs. While joining an NGO, you have to become an NGO volunteer. Being a volunteer, one can share ideas with the teammates about how to increase funding and other stuff related to a particular Non-governmental organization.

What are the qualifications required to join an NGO?

Nowadays NGOs have turned more specialized & business-oriented. Owing to the work nature and targeted group, they are the ones that aim to recruit specialists for the jobs through a nongovernment organization, working in women’s issue field, etc.

Likewise, some of the NGOs work on issues related to international issues, they prefer postgraduates in international issues. The one who deals with industrial working laws or trade disputes also prefers postgraduates. In such a way, the NGO needs to be very careful while selecting an NGO related to their qualification.

 Skills required for joining NGO

The candidate needs to have some great initiatives, passionate enough about NGO cause, committed and serious towards the work. The aspirant must be motivated as well and should have a strong desire of working in all types of conditions. The NGOs are conscious enough and keepers of the society, thus the person should always to ready to achieve the NGO’s goal.

The NGOs are always in search of volunteers who are ready to learn and committed to the work. Many NGO experts have also gained experience by working in an NGO as a volunteer. Most of the organization offer different opportunities and roles, means it is important that one can select the opportunity which can benefit the most and related to the career.


It is easy enough to join NGO, get in touch with a reputed NGO of your city, make them understand your passion and skills, and get ready to be a part.