How to join Brahma Kumaris?

Becoming a Brahma kumari is an amazing opportunity. It allows you to become pure at last birth and gain supreme knowledge of Raja Yoga meditation, through which you can become a self-master.

Here are some of the easy steps for joining Brahma kumaris.

Brahma Kumaris

1. Take up the seven days course

The seven days Raja Yoga course is a basic foundation and the soul of spiritual knowledge which is practiced and taught at the spiritual university of Brahma kumaris. This is the first step to join the Brahma kumaris organization. One can take this course at a nearby center of Rajyoga or can take up an online course.

2. Study Murli and purity vow

As soon as you have cleared the first step of pursuing a Raja Yoga course, there you will get to know about what is murli. Everyone listens to the Murli Gyan of Shiv Baba. They are the loving speech of God’s directions and knowledge through his corporeal medium. The Murli god covers the whole knowledge of creator and creation and the story of 84 births.

This is food for the soul, and the soul imbibes knowledge food and turns powerful. When one churns the knowledge, it turns out as wisdom. Murli is something that is read at all the centers of Brahma Kumaris in evening and morning classes. One can access this murli in HTML, pdf, and an online audio format too.

3. Surrender the intelligence 

It is a must for you to know that surrender doesn’t mean living at a center. It is Baba Shrimat which one can remain pure and perform spiritual effort while living at the home. You just need to surrender your mind to your god, which means to follow the given advice of god.

Shrimat is a Murli that the Brahma Kumaris study daily. Murli is divided into 4 subjects, service, dharna, yog, and knowledge. The 2nd subject dharna is known as God’s advice. This means how one shall inculcate their spiritual virtues and values in their practical life and can remove 5 vices like attachment, ego, greed, anger, lust, and other subtle weaknesses.

One must realize that it is God that speaks about Murli that teaches everyone and makes them equal to all. As soon as you realize it, it is a short matter of time for surrendering the mind to God and follow or listen to his elevated advice or directions.

Those who follow the advice given in the Murli, are called as a surrendered soul a Brahma Kumari. This is known as the surrender of the mind.

4. Surrender letter

As per the guidelines given by the god in Murlis, one can be considered as Brahman if you have followed the above-mentioned steps. Now if you are willing to give your name and related details in the Godly record, then you can fill the surrender letter online and send a signed letter to the nearby local center or fill up a Brahma Kumari registration form.