How to Download Aadhaar Card by Name or Date of Birth

There are many people who lose their Aadhaar Card and enrollment slip. In such a case they require a duplicate Aadhaar Card and the good part about Aadhaar Card is that it is possible to download a copy of Aadhaar Card from the internet. The copy of Aadhaar card downloaded is completely valid and it can be used like Aadhaar Card itself. It is possible to download the Aadhaar card with help of enrollment number or the Aadhaar number but if you do not have UID number then you may not worry as it is possible to download the Aadhaar card with help of your name and date of birth as well. In this article, we have listed the process for downloading the Aadhaar Card by Name and date of birth.

Step1: You can begin the process by finding the UID or EID number. To do so, you may click here. Once the page has been displayed, you enter your name, email address along with the mobile number to generate an OTP.

lost aadhar

Step2: Once the OTP has been generated, you can then validate the OTP and retrieve your Aadhaar number. It should be noted that the UID number will be shared on your registered mobile number.

Step3: Now you can again visit the UIDAI portal and click on Download Aadhaar from Aadhaar Services. Once the portal has been displayed, you can then click on Aadhaar Number on top of the page. Once you have entered the UID Number, your name, and pin code.

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Step4: Next step is to generate the OTP and validate the OTP. Once that has been down, a copy of Aadhaar card will be saved on your computer which can be printed in form of an ID Card

It should be noted that the Aadhaar card will be downloaded in form of the PDF File and the password of the PDF file will be the pin code of your area.

3 thoughts on “How to Download Aadhaar Card by Name or Date of Birth”

  1. kiran says:


  2. our areapin code is 563101 our aadhar cord no 633965240337

  3. sudhama says:

    We applied for Aadhaar card for my mother(74 Years) in the year 2012 without the Mobile number and we have not received the Aadhaar and we lost the Aadhaar enrollment acknowledgement also.

    Again we applied for Aadhaar in the year 2017 and 2018, when we tried to download with enrollment ID it is showing Duplicate.

    Now please let me know how to find Old issued Aadhaar Number

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