Top 10 Best Diagnostic Companies (Pathology Labs) in India

In the medical industry, it has become so easy to detect and identify the diseases with the computerized system. Since many years, India continuously attains the great success in the medical diagnosis. It is the most important and biggest component of diagnostic procedure. The combination of x-rays and computer technology like CT scan, MRI  helps in finding the diseases of patients. If you are searching for the top diagnostic companies in India then you are at the perfect destination.  In India there are large number of medical diagnostic are established which have become famous for its excellent facilities and services. There are many medical diagnostic companies in India that attain the great level of success and leading to the international level.

Here is the list of Top 10 diagnostic companies in India 2017 

10. Suyog Diagnostics

Suyog Diagnostics is highly recommended medical diagnostic centre which was established in 1996. It is a private limited company which is well reputed and famous medical practitioner in many fields. The company works in the field of pathology, microbiology, hematology and blood banks. The company is well known for supplying the diagnostic kits like HIC, HIV and HCV confirmatory test.

9. Meril Life

When it comes to choose the best and top rated medical diagnostic company, Meril Life is second to none. It is the most popular and reputed company in the industry and leading to the well known globalized medical device service provider. It is fully developed and design company which carry the nest featuring medical diagnostic machines which boost up the human suffering. Moreover this company has the world class medical diagnostic which perfectly meets with your requirements. It is varying from vascular interventional devices, endo-surgery and orthopedics.

8. Lab Care Diagnostics

This medical diagnostic company was established in 1982 and it adheres to top class quality standards in scientific communication, manufacturing and distribution. Lab Care Diagnostic is leading in the industry and provides the superior quality diagnostic kits. It is completely certified and well known in the medical device industry. This diagnostic company is specialized in the field of specifically in the field of clinical chemistry reagents, immunochromatographic rapid test, urine analysis strips and serology test.

7. Bio Systems

When it comes to provide top notch product training, technical support, development, designs and diagnostic kits, Bio system is second to none. This diagnostic company was establishing in 1982 and attains the great level of success in the medical diagnostic industry. It is well reputed and popular diagnostic company. In this medical diagnostic company, you will find the dedicated and well experienced team that accesses the diagnostic kits skillfully.

6. KLS India

KLS India is a certified and legal firm in India. It is specialized in providing world class and top notch diagnostic kits that covers the rapids, reagents, medical instruments, Elisa, and many other medical products. This medical diagnostic company attains the great level of success in the all kinds of significant and essential infrastructural facilities. Here you will get the incredible and excellent medical services and facilities that perfectly meet with your requirement. It offers all types of vast products for the daily basic needs.

5. Biogenuix Medsystems Private Limited

The head office of Biogenuix Medsystems Private Limited is situated in Delhi. It is well known and famous medical diagnostic research center in India. It provides quality diagnostic kits and excellent services.

4. Span Diagnostics

Span Diagnostics were developed and created in 1976 and rapidly attain the great level of success in the medical industry. When it comes get the incredible diagnostic service, this firm is second to none and it is well known and reputed firm in the list of medical diagnostic centers. It is top notch and world class medical diagnostic that has the well experienced and dedicated team. This firm focuses on in house research and development to create more and more products and make the work easier. It is leading to the international level in providing the excellent and top class quality products and it is well known as the most pioneering diagnostic firm worldwide.

3. XCyton Diagnostics Limited

Whenever we count the name of the top diagnostic companies of India, XCyton Diagnostics Limited always comes in the list. It is well developed and achieves the great level of success in the diagnostic kits. Here you will get the quality products and it is developed with the medical technology and latest medical equipments.

2. Quest Diagnostics

This diagnostic company was established in 1967 and driven their experience since long time. With the rapid change of time, it also enhances its company and provides the top rated and quality services for the customer satisfaction. This medical diagnostic firm is leading in various countries like United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, India. It is a huge research company.

1. Beacon India

Beacon India is world class and high reputed medical diagnostic company which was establish in 1990 in Gujrat. It is completely committed and firm to manufacture the superior quality and best products in medical industry. For the client satisfaction, it deliver incredible and superior quality and facilities which deals with the consistent improvement. It is well developed and enhance in the field of medical industry and diagnostic kits. This field service works through a well-trained and highly experienced support and dedicated team.

Ultimately these are the top 10 diagnostic companies in India. It is well developed and offer the excellent and top notch medical diagnostic kits services.