10 Times When Your Brother Stood Up for You

Your brother is the best man in your life. No matter how many times you fight, he is always there to back you up. No matter how much you hit each other, he is always there to stand for you. Having a dad is cool but having a brother is sweet. Siblings are the sweetest person on Earth. They love without end and they care without limit.

At the end of the day, you will still find someone who can understand you better than your friends. Someone who can be your partner to do crazy fun things. Someone who fights for you, protects you and does everything for you – your brother.

What makes your brother awesome

10. He allows you when you plan to go out with friends

Your brother knows the feelings of being with friends. He is not selfish enough to stop you from going with them. He lets you spend your time with your friends, play with them and go out with them because he knows that you are still with him when the day ends.

9. He gives when you need extra money

One best thing about having a brother is that he provides you everything you need. There might still be moments where he shows stupidity when it comes to money matters but he is still generous if you ask him about it.

8. He still stands as your first man when you have your first boyfriend

The time your brother knows who your boyfriend is he talks to that man fearfully to make sure he is a good guy for you. He makes sure that you have that someone who won’t hurt nor just trap you. And when time comes to your boyfriend act rudeness, he is there to offer a punch.

7. He listens when you talk

Your brother is also a man who has the natural mode of silence. When you talk, he is willing to listen to you. When you act in a way that no one can understand, he is willing to find a way just clear up such misunderstandings. When you give him an advice, he obeys it.

6. He is always at your side even when nobody else does

There are times when your friends betray you. Your brother always stands at your side when such irritating situation occurs. Your brother is not a kind of friend that shows goodness when you face at them but spread rumors when you are not.

Brother sister

5. He forgives easily you ask him for it or not

Your brother is born with kindness in the heart. The blood that runs within you both will prove it. Even how big your mistake is he still provides you an option to repent for it or just forget it. He chooses to keep the pain than hurting his own beloved sibling.

4. He doesn’t judge you even you deserve to be judged

He is with you from the start of your life or from the beginning of his own life. He understands your strengths and weaknesses because he knows he also has it. When it comes to his sweet siblings, he is always having a broad mind.

3. He knows what’s better for you

When it comes to friends, he knows who are those deserves to be called as sheep. When it comes to a guy, he gives you advice because he is also a guy. He always makes sure that on everything you do, you are on the right track and will never regret it.

2. He loves you unconditionally even sometimes you don’t

Your brother loves you so much because you are one of the most important pieces of his life. Sometimes, you can’t notice it because you choose to close your eyes.

1. He is there when you need a shoulder to lean on

One other best thing of having a brother he comforts you even when he can’t comforts himself.