Capricorn Zodiac Sign – 10 Facts, Characteristics & Personality Traits

December 22 up to January 19 is the exact date that is covered by the zodiac sign known as Capricorn. The important symbol of this zodiac sign is a goat. Capricorn has a ruling planet in the presence of Saturn. This zodiac sign is always associated with the word “achiever”. This is why you can find a lot of achievers in the world who are born with this particular zodiac sign. Moreover, here are 10 facts regarding Capricorn zodiac sign personality that you should get acquainted for:

10. They always take their responsibilities seriously. It is not their true nature to let the day pass without doing all their tasks. They are responsible enough in finishing everything they need to carry out. They don’t want to be branded as irresponsible persons. If it is time for jobs, then you can never see them playing or just roaming around the corner.

9. Sagittarius-born individuals are distrusting. It is not that they only trust themselves. They just don’t trust a particular person very easily. They still test those people around them before putting their trust. They are the perfect followers of the famous adage, “Trust is not given; it is earned”.

8. They have a considerable amount of patient. Even they are in a very irritating situation, it is not their thing to break down and show how mad or disappointed they are to something or someone. Their great amount of patient will always take them over, and consider every detail.

7. They can be dictatorial sometimes. Yes, they can be dictatorial in a way that they might manipulate some other people. They will tell others what to do, and they don’t want to be ignored. They want to be followed by others because they tend to believe that they are always right, and others aren’t.

6. Being ambitious is natural for Sagittarius-born people. Their ambitions will take them far, both positively and negatively. Their intense ambitious nature helps them to do even better in every endeavor they are having. They want to be successful at all times, which is why they always give their best. However, this intense ambitiousness can be the very cause of their downfall.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

5. They can be very loyal to the people they know and love. Betraying their loved ones and friends is something that is impossible to be done by Sagittarius-born people. Extreme loyalty is something that you can admire about them. They will be at your side no matter what happen. They are certainly true people everyone must treasure.

4. Sagittarius-born ones are self-conscious. This is the reason why they sometimes fail in an endeavor that they are trying to realize. They tend to get worried very easily. It is simply because they do not want to fail, and they don’t want others to get disappointed on them. This explains why they have this intense self-consciousness.

3. Sagittarius-born people are extremely resourceful in nature. It is not normal for them to be run out of options because they can always find a way. It is all thanks to their extreme resourcefulness personality. If everyone seems hopeless already, they are the ones who take over and give encouragements to their colleagues.

2. They are conceited sometimes. Being conceited is one negative personality that you will hate about Sagittarius-born people. This particular personality gives other people the impression that they are rude and arrogant, but they are not of course. They just can’t help to praise their own selves sometimes.

1. You may find Sagittarius-born ones to be unimaginative. Making use of the imagination is not a thing for those Sagittarius-born people. They are not gifted with creative minds. They even lack common sense, according to a lot of people. This confirms the fact that they’re unimaginative.

These are the 10 facts regarding Capricorn zodiac sign personality. These facts will absolutely help you know these people even better.


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