10 Amazing Facts About Delhi Metro

The Delhi metro began its operation 13 years ago on December 24, 2002. It operates under the Delhi Metro Corporation Limited and has approximately 215 trains running every single day. With its development, the conveyance became really easy for the people of Delhi. The total length of the Delhi metro is 213 kilometers. The length of every train is either up to 4 coaches, six coaches or eight coaches. The annual readership of these trains is 870 million with respect to the year 2015. The Managing Director of or the Chief Executive is Mangu Singh since December 31st 2011. There are around 160 metro stations in the city including six airport express stations. Along with that there are six color coded lines as well. The metros have definitely made the travelling easy for the people living in the city up to a great extent. There are many interesting facts about the Delhi Metro apart from its popularity.

Here is a list of top 10 facts about the Delhi metro.

Delhi Metro

10. The trains are famous for its punctuality

The trains at the Delhi metro Station are never late, no matter what. So whenever you wish to get into a metro just reach the statin on time, or five minutes earlier only, only to make sure that you don’t miss the train.

9. The Delhi Metro station is wheelchair friendly

One of the best and one of the most interesting fact about the Delhi metro stations is that, they have constructed in such a way that they support the wheelchair and are wheelchair friendly and you can easily use the trains and the station for travelling purposes. They even have ramps and yellow buttons for the disabled people, to get into the trains.

8. Delhi Metro is the second popular metro station in the world

Yes, that is true. The Delhi metro Station is the second most popular metro station in the world after New York. Now that is something interesting.

7. The distance covered by the metros

Ever wondered, how much distance do these trains covers on a daily basis? To your astonishment, the Delhi metro covers approximately 69,000 kilometers every single day, which is even more than the total of the Earth’s circumference.

6. The Metro Station has provided assistance for the visually impaired people

The Delhi metro stations have broad yellow strips on the platforms, which gives assistance to the visually impaired people and takes them directly to the lifts and exits and they can easily follow these lines.

5. They have Sari Guard Features

A lot of women wear saris or uses stoles, that can get entangled and cause injuries. The Delhi metro has taken care of that as well. Apart from the emergency button they also have a sari guard feature that protects the saris or lose clothes from getting trapped into it.

4. The Delhi Metro Smart Card

One of the interesting features of the Delhi Metro is their smart card. The DMRC and the ICICI Bank have invented these debit cards. They auto recharge and also has a ten percent discount facility plus reward points and cash back as well.

3. They have even number of coaches

The Delhi Metro has two types of coaches, the drive car and the motorcar and these two cars serves as one unit and cannot be separated. Hence, the numbering.

2. The Neutral Zones

You must have seen power cuts at the stations, but they are actually the power shifts. These stations are the neutral zones and they supple the power to the metros as getting 25000 volts from a single station is not possible, so the other stations helps as energy suppliers.

1. There are no dustbins

The Delhi Metro station is extremely neat and clean, despite the fact that there are no dustbins in the stations. You cannot really spot one except the restaurants. And yet, the stations are damn clean.

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