Top 10 Most Famous Zoos in India to Visit

Zoo is the perfect getaway for a nice little time off the beat. Indulge yourself in the flora and fauna world. The best option you can visit it all alone for a quiet time or with your family as part of your expedition.

People often take their kids and families to these places of bio-diversity to gain some valuable insights apart from getting away from the hectic of the city crowd.

India has been blessed with a zoological mélange not found elsewhere. Today we’d look to unearth these gem of a fact about the zoo’s famed in India. Read along to enlighten yourself.

10) Darjeeling Zoo

  • Darjeeling Zoo is located along the slopes of the mountain range, Jawahar Parbhat. It is often famed as one of the finest zoos in the nation.
  • It lies a mere 85 km from the nearest Airport and can be easily accessible via different road vehicles.
  • The zoo is home to exquisite mammals and animals like snow leopard, Tibetan Wolf, Siberian Tiger and more.

9) Delhi Zoo

  • Delhi zoo is also named as Delhi National Zoological Park and is situated in the old fort of Delhi.
  • The zoo is spread around in an extensive 214 acres of landscape and harbors more than 1500 birds and animals.
  • The sanctuary or the zoo is home to one of the rarest species of animals in the form of Brow-antlered deer. Other animals like white tiger, white buck, gibbon and more also call it a home to themselves.

8) Mysore zoo

  • The zoo in Mysore is officially named as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens.
  • The zoo is placed near the Mysore palace and is spread out over 245 acres of landscape. The zoo opened in 1892 making it one of the oldest of the bunch and is home to the maximum number of elephants in the nation.
  • A few examples of animals found here are Asiatic black bears, African elephants, Hyena.

7) Trivandrum Zoo

  • The zoo is located in the temple city of Kerala, also known as Thiruvananthapuram. It is spread out over an area of 55 acres and is one of the oldest ones in the nation.
  • It features indigenous species of the lot like Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal tiger and more.
  • It is also home to reptile farm.

6) Hyderabad Zoo

  • The zoo in Hyderabad was opened in the year 1963 and is one of the largest in the nation with an area of 380 acres.
  • It is also known as Nehru Zoological Park and has picturesque natural lakes and floras.
  • It is home to rare white-blacked vultures and numerous species of animals.

5) Nandankanan Zoo

  • Nandankanan Zoo is home to the forestry of Orissa and is spread around in 400 acres making it one of the largest of the lot.
  • The zoo is famed for its exotic animal species like white tigers, gharial crocodiles, black panthers and more.
  • It also houses a botanical garden within.

4) Chennai Zoo

  • The Vandalur Zoo of Chennai has an astonishing number of visitors in a day. This zoo has an area of 602 acres and hosts more than 150 species of animals in its habitat.
  • A special feature of the zoo is the lion-tailed Macaque which is found only in these lands.

3) Junagadh Zoo

  • The Junagadh Zoo is situated in the state of Gujarat and was opened by the Nawabs of the region in 1863.
  • It is also known as Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden and has preserved rare species of animals over the years.
  • A few delights of the zoo are lions, elephants, tigers and more.

2) Guwahati Zoo

  • This zoo is located in the reserved forest of Assam and was founded in 1957.
  • It is spread around in an area of 1.75 sqm. km and is home to Asiatic lion, the tigers and the black bears.
  • It has an abundance of different species of animals and flora apart from the aforementioned ones.

1) Nainital Zoo


  • Nainital Zoo is the only one of its kind in the Uttarakhand state of India.
  • It is located at a high altitude of 2100 meters above the sea level.
  • The zoo is home to many exquisite animals like snow leopard, Siberian tiger, black bears, hill fox and more.

So that’s the end of our fact file on 10 famous zoos of the nation. We hope you’d love to wander off to these greenery sights after going through the post.