Top 20 Countries Where Indian Citizens Can Travel Without Visa or Can Get Visa on arrival

Travelling overseas is not easy these days because most of the countries have strict visa and travel regulations, which discourage many Indian tourists from this task. However, there are certain countries, where visa laws are quite liberal and Indians can obtain visas as they land there.

Here are top 20 countries where Indian citizens can travel without visa or can get visa on arrival:

20. Albania

Indian citizens can easily obtain visa on arrival in Albania, which is possible by showing a letter by the Albanian Ministry of Interior, which says that the person would be granted a visa on arrival.

19. Azerbaijan

Another country where Indians can travel without a visa is Azerbaijan. The person should have an official letter of invitation by Azerbaijan, which has been cleared before travel. In such a case, he would be given visa on arrival.

18. Djibouti

Djibouti is another country where Indians can travel without visa as it is granted on arrival for a stay of one month to the maximum. The person also has to show proper travel documents and a proof to show sufficient funds for stay there.

17. Fiji

Next on this list is Fiji, where visa on arrival is granted for a maximum period of four months. Here too, the visitor has to furnish travel documents along with efficient of funds to sustain the stay in the country for that period.

16. Laos

Laos also provides visa on arrival for Indians for 30 days at the most, provided that they furnish a return ticket, travel documents, hotel reservation, a passport sized photo and a fee of $ 30.

15. Kenya

Next among the countries where Indians can travel without visa is Kenya, where they can pay $ 50 to get visa on arrival for a period of three months, with the pre requisites of travel documents and evident of sufficient funds for supporting their stay.

14. Nepal

Indians with a proof of nationality along with that of traveling from India are not required to have a visa while traveling to Nepal.

13. Thailand

Indian tourist can get a 14 day visa on arrival in Thailand, by paying 1000 baht as the fee. He also has to show proofs like return ticket, place of stay in Thailand and evidence of funds of at least 10000 baht per person.

12. Hong Kong

Hong Kong too, grants visa on arrival to Indians for maximum 14 days, on showing travel documents, return ticket and evidence of adequate funds.

11. Maldives

Indians visiting Maldives do not need visas and can get them on arrival for 30 days, on showing their travel documents along with a fund value of $ 30 per person.

10. Seychelles

Next among the countries where visas are issued to Indians on arrival is Seychelles, where they can get visas for upto 30 days on arrival. The proofs needed by them are return ticket, accommodation proof and a minimum fund value of $ 150 per day for each person.

9. El Salvador

El Salvador provides visa on arrival for three months to the maximum, for which the visitor has to buy a tourist card of value $ 10.

8. Madagascar

Another country where Indians can get visa on arrival is Madagascar, where a visa of maximum 90 days can be acquired by paying MGA 140000 as the fee.

7. Bolivia

Next on this list comes Bolivia, where Indian visitors can obtain visa on arrival at the La Paz Airport, by paying a sum of $ 52.

6. Mozambique

Mozambique issues visas on arrival for Indians for a period of 30 days to the most by paying a fee of $ 66. They need to show sufficient funds and travel documents.

5. St Lucia

A fee of $ 50 and an evidence of sufficient funds is all that is needed for Indian visitors to get a visa on arrival for a period of six weeks in St Lucia.

4. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is another country where Indian tourists are provided visa on arrival, on the condition that they show proper travel documents and proof of funds.

3. Cambodia

In Cambodia, Indian travelers have to deposit a fee of $ 20 and a passport photograph to get visa on arrival for a period of 30 days to the maximum.

2. Antarctica

Visa is not required at all for Antarctica, but Indians have to get visas for countries en route such as Chile or Argentina, in order to travel to this destination.

1. Macau

Macau is another country which gives visa on arrival to Indians for a period of 30 days to the most. They are required to furnish travel documents and proof of funds of $ 60 to cover their stay, in order to get the visa.

The liberal visa rules and regulations have made traveling to all these countries easy for Indians.