20 Shocking Things That Happen in 1 Minute

For sure, you are completely aware of the famous adage that goes “time is gold”. Do you know the meaning of this adage? Why time is being compared to gold? Well, this saying simply says that time is very precious that you should not waste a single second from it. Spend your time in worthwhile things like those things that you want to do in life, or those things that will make you happy. Do not let your time be consumed with something that will only make you sad. Always keep in mind that life is too short, so there should not be any moment to be wasted.

The big question now is, do you know that there are a lot of things that are happening in just a minute of your precious time? Yes, some of these things may be new to you. Without further ado, here are the 20 shocking things that happen 1 minute or 60 seconds that you should be aware of:

Things That Happen in 1 Minute

20. There are around 45,632 liters of wines that are consumed.

Well actually, not only wines but some other alcoholic beverages as well. This is how people in the world really love drinking alcohols and wines, regardless of the occasion. May it be a birthday party or just a plain chilling moment at the bars.

19. More than 1 million people feel the urge to have sexual intercourse.

Just imagine how many people would feel it in a number of minutes. The estimated number of people who feels it per minute is around 1,500,000. This is the main reason why it is expected that the world will have higher population in the coming years.

18. There are around 250 babies are born.

It can be confirmed by the fact that there are over a million of people in the world who love to have sex every single minute. If proper solution will not be implemented, the world will surely become overcrowded several years from now. Out of these 250 babies, 113 falls to the poverty line while 15 of them are believed to have some minor or serious birth defects.

17. 59 weddings are being held.

This is based on the world record. There are 59 pairs of lovers who decided to get married every single minute. This is to show that their love to each other is really unbreakable through thick and thin.

16. Oprah Winfrey gains $523.

Just imagine how much money Oprah can gain in the entire day, how much more within the entire month and year. Just in case you do not know, Oprah Winfrey is amongst those extremely wealthy individuals in the entire world. She is a 62-year-old American philanthropist, movie producer, actress, talk show host, and media proprietor.

15. There are around 722,504 pictures being captured.

Well, there is no question about that since people nowadays are very fond of taking pictures during any special occasion or even during moments when they are bored. This is why selfie photos came into existence. People are taking selfies when they are alone in their rooms or even in the bathroom. Can you imagine how many people love doing that in the entire world?

14. Nikes gains $36,505 as their business revenue.

Can you imagine how much money Nike is making every month or every year? It is surely a huge amount of money, which is the main reason why Nike is still thriving even up to this day. Nike is an American footwear manufacturing firm that is currently engaged in a lot of business ventures like manufacturing apparel, accessories, different kinds of equipments and the like.

13. There is a total of $3,137,187 money that is being donated to charitable institutions.

This is a very huge amount of money, right? This goes to show that there are still a lot of people nowadays who have kind hearts that are willing to help and reach out to the unfortunate ones. It is good news that everyone should be happy about. Let’s just hope that this big amount of money will be used properly by the people who have managed these institutions.

12. There are around 2 auto thefts in the United States.

Yes, it is definitely true. There are 2 theft incidents that are happening in the United States of America every single minute. Meaning to say, there are a number of theft incidents happening within the entire day in the US. It is so sad to note that there are a lot of people who are not afraid to commit some crimes even in a very powerful country like the United States.

11. Lightning strikes 360 times.

Yes, you might not know it but lightning is striking the Earth 360 times every single minute. Can you imagine how many people died or how much property destroyed by lightning within the entire day? This is the main reason why we heard news about the people who died because they were stricken by lightning.

10. 9 new HIV/AIDS cases have been tallied.

It is so sad to know that the horrible incurable HIV/AIDS is continually spreading in the entire world. There are around 9 people who are infected by this life threatening illness every minute. Can you imagine how many people who are losing their hope in living a good life because they are infected by this disease?

9. 120,673 pounds of food wastes are collected in the United States.

Can you calculate how much money being also wasted because of these food wastes? With this huge amount of food being thrown every single minute, there are already a lot of hungry stomachs that can be fed in the entire world. People in the United States should do something about it since it is certainly a serious case. Food should not be wasted, since it is very hard to earn a living these days.

8. There are 5 earthquakes happened.

You might not know it, but there are normally 5 earthquakes that are occurring in the entire world every single minute. These earthquakes vary in terms of magnitude. There are some that can destroy even the most sturdy foundation of a certain structure, while there are some that you might not feel that they are occurring. This is the main reason why we heard news regarding horrible earthquake incidents happened in the world.

7. There are around 1,875,000 Facebook users who liked something on their Facebook newsfeeds.

This goes to show that there are millions or even billions of people who are using Facebook nowadays, as their most preferred social media site. What they liked every minute can be someone’s status, videos, Facebook pages and the like. It just shows that there are great numbers of people who go online and check their Facebook accounts every minute.

6. There 107 death cases being recorded per minute.

This is based on the records of the entire world. Can you imagine how many people who died just within a day? Maybe, the number is just right since there are also a lot of babies that are born every single minute. The main reasons of their death can be accidents, accidents and many more.

5. There are 18 people who died from starvation.

Yes, there are a lot of people who lose their precious lives simply because they do not have something to eat during mealtimes. Can you imagine how pity these people are? Every government should do something about it since it is a very serious case. Those rich people must also give something to the unfortunate ones, so that such problem can be minimized.

4. There are 150,184 gifts being given.

If you are not receiving gifts from someone everyday or even every week or every month, then you are very unlucky person. You are not one of those people who receive several gifts every single minute. Have you ever thought that the number of presents being given to someone every minute is 150,184? How many gifts you are receiving, by the way?

3. There are 257 new-born babies in the world.

Yes, these babies are born from the couples who are already married and also not yet married ones. It simply means that the world today is getting more and more liberated since there are so many people who are trying premarital sex.

2. There are 48,000,000 phone calls being made.

That is such a huge number of phonecalls, right? Can you imagine how many phone calls that are being made every single day? These calls are of course, personal or business related ones.

1. There are 3 very violent crimes happened in the United States.

Thus, within the entire day, there are 180 violent crimes experienced by the Americans. You are so very unlucky if you became victim of these crimes for sure. Now, can you imagine how many violent crimes that can happen in the entire world in just a single day? The number would be very huge for sure.

These are the 20 shocking things that happen in 1 minute. Aren’t these bits of information surprised you? These are something that you should keep in mind.