Top 15 Most Polluted Cities in the World

If there is anything for which the humans have to repent greatly in coming future, it is certainly neglecting issues associated with nature. Pollution is just out of control in this world of commercialization. However, some parts are too critical on this matter. There are different parameters available for measurement of pollution. Anyway, we have come up here with the line-upmost polluted parts of the globe taking overall parameters into account.

15. Kanpur, India

The list starts with a city in Uttar Pradesh and the name of the city is Kanpur. The main reason for the air pollution in Kanpur is the emission from industries and vehicles. The government of India has started taking a tough stand on the situation and you can surely expect that the city will not be a part of this list in coming future.

14. Dammam, Saudi Arabia

On number 14, we have Dammam in Saudi Arabia and the city is one of the most important cities in Saudi Arabia because of the various departments which are located here. The main reason for the pollution in this city is that the city had large industrial centers but now the government is focusing to convert these industrial centers to non-oil based centers which will surely cut down the pollution.

13. Shijiazhuang, China

Shijiazhuang is one of the largest city in China and the city has a population of over 10.7 Million people but at the same time, it is one of the worst city to live in. the reason for that is that the city is highly polluted and cold and dry weather of the city makes it worse to adjust in the city.

12. Ludhiana, Punjab

We have another Indian city in the list and the pollution levels are high in this city owing to the clothes manufacturing business in the city. Another reason for the high pollution level is that the city of Punjab state has field in the surrounding area and the crop fires emits a lot of greenhouse gases which causes the pollution level to rise significantly.

11. New Delhi, India

The condition here is certainly worrying here. Being capital of one of the powerful nations in Asia, the situation seriously needs through observation. Uncontrolled traffic is the main reason behind the disastrous air pollution in Delhi. The Cases of respiratory diseases are unstoppably increasing as a consequence.

10. Baoding, China

This is another city in China which is in our list of most polluted cities in the world. The city is located about 150 km from Beijing and the pollution levels are similar here. The city is shifting its dependency on renewable energy but the damage is already done.

9. Xingtai, China

Air Pollution in China is believed to be a major problem and Xingtai is another city in China which suffers from this problem. The city is mostly surrounded by a thick smog which is highly toxic and it causes various respiratory ailments.

8. Cameroon, Bamenda

On number 8, we have Bamenda in Cameroon and the city is known for the natural beauty. The city is surrounded by mountains but because of high tourist activities and other commercial activities, the city suffers from high pollution. The problem had been on rising and it would take decades to make the place beautiful again. The cold weather of the region elevates the seriousness of the problem to a higher level.

7. Raipur, India

Raipur is located in Chattisgarh in India and the city’s economy is dependent on coal and steel industries. The manufacturing units of these two types of industries cause a lot of pollution which has now resulted in a toxic air in the city. The government needs to deal with the problem on urgent basis so as to prevent the people from falling ill.

6. Patna, India

Next on our list is Patna and just like other cities in India, the city also suffers from high air pollution. As per the information available, a major percentage of the citizen of the city suffers from respiratory diseases because of the air pollution in the city. The main reason for high pollution in the city is the crop fires and the vehicle congestion.

5. Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia is also listed in the list of most polluted cities in the world. The city has high pollution because of the commercial activities and the coastline linked to the city is also quite polluted. Another reason why the city has high pollution level is because of the factories in the city which contributes to air and land pollution because of the incorrect waste disposal.

4. Riyad, Saudi Arabia

Riyad is the capital of Saudi Arabia and it is also one of the densely populated and polluted city in Saudi Arabia. The city is polluted because of the extreme human activities and because of the natures force which leads to many dust storms.

3. Allahabad, India

Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh is also among the list of the most polluted city in the world. The city mostly suffers from the high air pollution and as per the statistics, the city had a PM 2.5 level of 170 which is very dangerous. It would take a lot of efforts to reduce the pollution level significantly.

2. Gwalior, India

On number 2, we have Gwalior from India and the city mostly has high air pollution. The main reason for that is the vehicles on the road. In a recent announcement, the government announced that it will do away with diesel autorickshaw so as to improve the efficiency of the public transport.

1. Zabol, Iran

Zabol is a city in Iran and talking about the geographical location, the city is located near the Afganistan Border. In addition to this, the city is the most polluted city in the world and the main reason for that is the dust storm. It would take a lot of human intervention to protect the city and reduce the pollution so as to make the place safe for the human existence.


You can’t imagine human life without growth, industrialization, etc. But, it is a fact at the same time that we should not get addicted in such a way that we have to pay it back in a great amount. Time has come to be serious, really.

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