10 Interesting Facts About Delhi You Should Know

The capital of India, Delhi is one of the beautiful and captivating cities of India. The official name of Delhi is The National Capital Territory of Delhi. Delhi is the home to numerous people with varied cultures and traditions. The vibrant city of Delhi carries its own charm with the unique glory and majestic reflects.

Here are mentioned the mind blowing facts about the Capital City, Delhi. Enjoy then and do visit Delhi.


1. Greenest City of India

The Delhi is the greenest city of India. Despite of being a fifth most populated city in the world, Delhi’s land covers almost 20 % of the forest. This fact is the interesting one as with such a big population number, how can the city’s land be covered by the greenery.

2. Environmental Friendly Transport

Delhi is the city of India that runs the environment friendly transport. Environment friendly transport means that all the transport of Delhi runs on Compressed Natural Gas that is CNG. It is environmental friendly gas that does not pollute the air of the city.

3. Bird Rich City

Another interesting fact about Delhi is that it is the second most bird rich capital city in the world. The first bird rich capital city is Kenya and the other one is Delhi.

4. Only Drink 4 days

It is the law in Delhi that people can drink only in 4 days. These4 days includes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.

5. 5 Original Gates

5 out of 14 original gates of the city of Delhi that offer boundary to the whole Delhi are still standing. These five of 14 gates includes Ajmeri Gate, Lahori Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi Gate and Turkman Gate.

6. Largest Fruit and Vegetable Market

The wholesale market of the Azadpur is the largest fruit and vegetable market of Asia. Almost 3 thousand trucks bring fruits and vegetables to this market for retail sale.

7. International Toilet Museum

An indeed funny fact is that the Delhi has the first international Toilet Museum. This museum attracts a large number of audience and tourists and admires the humor and talent of the architects.

8. Largest Wholesale Spice Market

The Khari Baoli Market of New Delhi is the Asia’s largest wholesale spice market. It might be the largest market of the world as the people of Delhi love to eat spicy foods.

9. The Tallest Brick Minaret

New Delhi has also the privilege to have the tallest minaret. Qutub Minar is the one of the tallest buildings of world with the tallest minarets. It height is about 74 meters.

10. Delhite helps!

It is the fun fact that every person of Delhi wants to help you with the directions. It is fun when even they don’t know about the direction they still try to help you. So try to check and cross check whether you are at right direction or not.

So if you have visited the New Delhi, then you must have to visit these places because ye Delhi Hai meri jan..!

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