Top 10 Most Famous Online Gaming Sites in India 2019

Online gaming has been the best entertainment field for years. It is not surprising that even a two-year child playing games on their tablet. It is common to see many children playing online games in smartphone and PC. If you are a beginner who wants to enter into a new gaming site, you should know all the best gaming sites.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 most famous Online Gaming site in India. 

10. Games


It is the most interesting Social Networking gaming site. is a popular gaming network, which invites all the game lovers. This site features a lot of interesting games that can be played by people of all the age group. It is the largest gaming platform, which connects more than 400 Indian portals together. It supports both Windows and Android. It engages the user by offering the different variety of games includes Fun games, card games, action games, cricket games, painting games, platform games, bubble games, Puzzle games, shooting games and much more.

9. Racing Games4u

Racing Games4U is one of the most popular gaming site, which was released in 2009. It features plenty of games from action games to racing games to puzzle games. Also, it enables the user to enjoy multiplayer games. It is one of the high paid gaming sites, which earns more than 0.04 $ per advertisement. Every day, a lot of customers join this new site. This site targets at grabbing more and more game lovers by launching the variety of new games. The Mario game, Sniper game, Zombie game and mobile games from this site are quite popular. However, it encourages a lot of new mobile games this year.

8. Games2Win


At the number 8, we have Games2Win in the list of top 10 gaming sites. These leading gaming sites attract a huge audience by established itself as a popular gaming site. This online gaming site is a genuine site to pass the time in a useful way. Game lovers can enjoy multiple games from arcade to adventure to racing and shooting games. This leading gaming site manages more than a million customers overall. Some of the popular racing games on this site are Race trail, Street race 3, Power Rangers, Thomas in Mexigo, Motorsport 3D, Tiny Race, Real car stimulator,  JFK Airport parking, Thomas train park and so on.

7. Sify games

Sify games

Sify games were initiated in 1995 with only a few people. But, it has been growing in extreme rate today. It has plenty of interesting games ranging from adventure, arcade, racing, puzzles, strategy, cricket etc. It is an ever-popular gaming site that encourages the gamers with plenty of interesting adventures. It is the perfect gaming site for all the beginners who wish to join the stimulating trekking and racing games. Further, it provides plenty of multi-player games that you can experience the beauty of games with your friends.


With the interesting online adventure and fabulous stimulation game, stands 6th in this list. It was launched in the year 2008. With the continues self-effort, it has gained huge popularity in just 10 years. It is a wonderful website, which provides multiple games in different categories of games from adventure, to action, to puzzles to racing. This gaming site is 100% entertainment site, which targets at the user and helps them in reducing the pressure and stress they meet in their daily life.


With the highly engaging entertainment games, it stands fifth on the list of top 10 gaming sites. This popular website has been in the gaming field for more than a decade. Within the short period, it has gained huge popularity and eventually grabs the audience. Every gaming lover must cross this website once in their gaming experience. This site is the best site for both the beginners as well as the gaming experts.

4. Santa Banta 

santa banta

Santa banta is a leading gaming site, which is the hub of joy, fun, humour, and adventure. It was launched in 2000 and gained much of the popularity through the different gaming packages. These gaming sites stand out from others in providing the games that suit their needs. You can also refer the photo stock, videos and jokes collection from its blog. It is really interesting to read the jokes while playing games.

3. The Addiction Games

From the name itself, you can be very clear that this gaming site is highly addictive. This website offers countless online games for the variety of users. This gaming site has reached more than 10 million subscriptions in just a year. This website lets the user give feedback, suggestion and any ideas on the game.

2. Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd.

Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd.

Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd stands 2nd in the list of top 10 best gaming sites. In fact, it deserves this place since it offers a lot of discount, offers and special price to the new gaming packages. The user can enjoy both the free and paid version of the multi-player and stimulating games. This famous gaming site has been in the strong relationship with popular gaming brands include, Play fish, Boonty, Oberon, Come2Play, POPCAP and so on. This site reaches more than 2 Million users per month.

1. Mini

Mini is the number one online gaming sites that are widely used by more than 70 Million users across the world. Be it a racing, arcade, action or adventure games, one cannot ignore this site.  This leading gaming site was launched in the year 2001 by Robert Small and Tihan presbie. Since 2001, it is very popular sites that let you interact with your friends.

It is common to see people with stress & depression these days. With the busy routines and active lifestyle, one will not be able to survive in this world without stress and tension. In such case, games will definitely help you a lot. A recent study has revealed that playing games can control the mind and helps in reducing the stress rate. On top of that, it is a good way to involve in multi-tasking things. The gaming site that we listed here is genuine and leading sites. So, you can choose any of the given sites without any hassle. If you have free time, just go to the gaming site of your choice, and then start playing your favorite games. Don’t be addictive to the games, just play games for mind relaxation. It is totally up to you in choosing the best gaming sites. Do let us know in the comment on which gaming sites would you prefer and how was your gaming experience on the site.