Top 10 Myths About Alcohol Use

5. Beer before liquor is good

Drinkers believe that drinking a beer before liquor will not make you sick. You probably find yourself suffer hangover not because of which drink you take but because of the total amount you consume at the end.

4. Drink now and after an hour, you’ll still drive home

We probably hear the theory about the capacity of our body return to normal after an hour. Alcoholic drinks actually take 2 or more hours to fully metabolize.

3. Alcoholic drinks are not too dangerous

Too much has never been good. Most of the drunken people are admitted to the emergency room with serious injuries. Alcohol is also associated with suicide, homicide, and downing.

2. Alcohol is not as bad as using drugs

Alcohol and the drug are indeed different. But when it is overused it is more than the drug effects. There are many deadly disorders around the world today for which alcohol is the lead contributor. Alcohol easily makes the brain malnourished. It is the only cause of the most dangerous brain disease commonly called as the “wet brain”.

1. Alcoholic drinks can improve your performance in bed

performance in bed

Unfortunately, we have seen millions of people who believe this way. Alcohol actually reduces your sex performance because it affects the blood flow to the penis which limits men’s abilities.