Top 20 Largest (Biggest) States of India (Area Wise)

India is amongst the largest countries in the world, taking up 2.4% of the world area, and it has a total of 29 states and 7 union territories, which vary in size, area, and population. Population wise also, the country is one of the largest growing countries and is poised to become a world power very soon. There had been certain split-ups in the past and new states were formed, for example, Telangana was formed from Andhra Pradesh. Prior to any split, Madhya Pradesh used to be the biggest state in the country but do you know which one is the largest state in India today? Well, we have compiled a list of top 20 largest states of India by area and you should certainly go through the list to increase your knowledge base.

Here is a list of top 20 largest states of India by area wise

20. Punjab


On number 20, we have Punjab with the area of 50,362 sq km and this state is located in the northern part of India. Punjab shares the international border with Pakistan at Wagah Border and it is also known for producing high-quality grain. In addition to this, you would be surprised to know that Costa Rica has a similar area to that of Punjab.

19. Uttarakhand

Almora, Uttarakhand

Next on our list is Uttarakhand and the state was formed in 2010 after the partition of Uttar Pradesh. The state occupies an area of 53,483 sq km and the state is known for its rich heritage. There are many beautiful temples and peaks in the state and it is one of the popular tourist destinations in India.

18. Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh ranks on number 18 in terms of area and the state has a total area of 55,673 sq km. In addition to this, the state has many hill stations like Shimla which are popular with tourists in the northern region of India. There are many beautiful treks in the area and the state also offers many adventure activities like Paragliding, Ice Skating, Rafting, and Skiing.

17. Assam

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

With an area of 78,438 sq km, Assam stands on number 17 on our list. the state has a total of 33 districts and the economy of Assam is dependent on wildlife tourism and tea plantation. Brahmaputra river runs across the state and that has certainly helped in the development of the state. The state shares its international border with Bhutan and Bangladesh.

16. Jharkhand


Jharkhand lies in the eastern region of the country and the state was formed in the year 2000. In addition to this, Jharkhand was formed after the reorganization of Bihar and at present, Jharkhand covers an area of 79,710 sq km. Ranchi is the capital of the state and state’s economy is dependent on mining industry because of the huge mineral deposits in the state.

15. Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Next on our list is Arunachal Pradesh and this state has an area of 83,743 sq km. in addition to this, the state shares its international border with Bhutan, Myanmar, and China. The state was occupied by China for a short duration of time but it the control was taken over by India with help of Armed Forces.

14. West Bengal


On number 14, we have West Bengal and this is a highly developed state in eastern India. The state has an area of about 88,752 sq km and it also shares its international border with Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. West Bengal lies on the cost and hence a major portion of GDP of the state comes through fishing.

13. Bihar


Bihar has an area of 94,163 sq km and it is one of the most populous state in India. In addition to this, river Ganga runs across the state and Bihar also shares its border with Nepal. Bihar is popular for Bodh Gaya as it is an important religious site for the people who follow Buddhism.

12. Telangana

Telangana State

Telangana is the newly formed state in our list and the state was formed in 2014 after the reorganization of Andhra Pradesh. The state has an area of 112,077 sq km and the capital of the state is Hyderabad. The state is progressing at a very fast rate and Hyderabad is the new hub for IT industry.

11. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Next on our list is Tamil Nadu with an area of 130,058 sq km. The state lies in the southern region of India and the state economy is dependent on agriculture, IT industry, Manufacturing industry, Automobile Industry and Textile Industry. The capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai which is known for many things.

10. Chhattisgarh

In terms of area, Chhattisgarh is the tenth largest state in the country, occupying 135191 sq km of area. The state came into existence in 2007 and has its border connected with 7 other states. It has as many as 27 districts in all, with Dantewada being the largest one.

9. Odisha

With the total area of 155707 sq km, Odisha comes up on number 9 in the list of top 20 largest states in India by area wise. This state was set up in 1936 and comes up as the mineral hub of the country, with abundance in natural resources such as coal, bauxite, and chromite.

8. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh registers itself as the eighth largest state of the country by area, with a total of 160205 sq km occupied by it. This South Indian state was recently divided in 2014, with the northern part of it separated into a separate state called Telangana.

7. Karnataka

Chikmagalur, Karnataka

The next name on the list of top 20 largest Indian states by area wise is that of Karnataka, the state known for its rapid development, with its capital city Bangalore getting the status of the IT capital of India. Established in 1956, Karnataka is spread over an area of 191791 sq km.

6. Gujarat


Gujarat is the Indian state, which has recently come to the forefront for its booming industrial and economic development in the last few years. It also happens to be the sixth largest state of India, with an area of 196021 sq km. Gujarat was formulated in 1946 and is home to Amul, the country’s largest dairy product industry.

5. Jammu & Kashmir

Sonamarg, Kashmir

Next on this list is the north Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, which spans an area of 222236 sq km. After the political conditions of the state have stabilized over the last few years, it has become the most popular tourist destination of India.

4. Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh lies on number 4 in the list, with a total area of 240928 sq km. The state gets millions of tourists every year because it houses the world famous monument, the Taj Mahal in Agra. Uttar Pradesh is as large as the UK in size.

3. Maharashtra

Gateway of India

Featuring next in the list of top 20 largest states in India by area wise is Maharashtra, whose capital Mumbai is called the entertainment capital of the country as it is home to the Hindi film industry. The total area of the state is a huge 307713 sq km.

2. Madhya Pradesh

Traditional Dress of Madhya Pradesh

Also famous as the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh comes up as the second largest state in India area wise, with a total of 308252 sq km occupied by it. The state is blessed with abundant natural resources, with the largest coal reserves in the country found here.

1. Rajasthan


When it comes to the largest state in India by area, Rajasthan tops the list with the total area of 342240 sq km spanned by it. It has a total of 33 districts and Jaisalmer is the largest amongst them. The state is famous for its cultural heritage and historical attractions.

All these states are not only the largest in the country in terms of area but also make a huge contribution to the country economically. In addition to this, the list was all about the states and we didn’t include the Union Territories in the list. If you want to know about the largest UT in terms of area, then its Andaman and Nicobar Islands followed by Delhi and Puducherry.

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