Top 15 Best Saree Brands in India – Most Famous

Saree is the tradition Indian outfit, which accentuates the beauty of Indian women of all ages and forms. Whether it is about any festival occasion or wedding occasion, you can go with these beautiful outfits to look the most elegant and beautiful. This outfit has now got global recognition, with many international celebrities endorsing it by wearing saree on international events. Sarees are a hor favorite among Indian celebrities too, in addition to being the staple outfit of the common woman in the country.

The market is flooded with a large number of saree brands, which specialize in diverse varieties such as cotton, silk, net, georgette, chiffon and many more designer sarees.

Types of Saree Fabrics (Materials)

Synthetic fabrics for irregular Saree wearers

From the point of view of the women who do not wear saree regularly, synthetic fabric is an ideal selection. In short, if you are among the woman who will not wear the saree regularly then you should go for synthetic fabric.


When you are seeking out for deluxe texture and pulsating appeal Saree then, Silk Saree is a very appropriate saree fabric to choose. In easy words, Silk is yet another important type of saree fabric or material that you can choose whenever wearing saree.  If you are looking to purchase the best types of saree fabric for parties and wedding Nights, then Silk can be a very leading alternative for you in that particular situation.

One should always try to check and compare the online reviews submitted by the previous customers and users about the different types of saree fabrics. This simple comparison can help you to determine which type of material is ideal for saree.  For more information about the same concept, you can go for some other online platforms right now.

Chiffon Saree

To wear a comfortable, lightweight, and luxurious Indian saree, you can go for the chiffon saree fabric which is widely popular.  When you do not want to hear uncomfortable saree than chiffon saree can be the best alternative to choose.  Whether you talk about wearing the chiffon saree on some special evening regularly, this can be used.

Crepe Saree

When you want to determine which types of saree fabrics are better to use and wear than creep, saree can become the next amazing alternative for you. According to some experts and users, Crepe saree could be worn on the evening of some special occasions.


If you want to have comfort while wearing Saree, then cotton can be a very reliable type of saree fabric that you are going to choose.  Cotton saree fabric is ideally perfect for the where you want to wear the saree regularly or in daily use.  It is not essential if you wish to wear this saree on or some special occasions or for casual works, the cotton saree fabric will become the number one alternative.

The trending Net Saree

When you are talking about some leading types of saree fabrics, you cannot afford to forget about the trending net saree.  In the recent past years, the grace of wearing the net saree is increasing with a rapid speed, and you could be the next one who is going to wear the net saree.

In the Indian tradition and culture, saree has always been a special costume that women love to wear regularly and some special functions. For new buyers or people, it can become challenging to decide which types of saree fabrics arbiter for wearing.  This can be due to the lack of knowledge and information that you have about the various types of saree fabrics.

How To Choose A Right Saree For You ?

Because of so much variety in the designs, it may be difficult to pick the right saree that can suit your body type and looks perfect for the occasion. There are two options to choose the saree. You can get your desired wholesale sarees from online stores or can get them from your favourite offline store. If you are looking to get help to find the proper design of a saree for you, here are some of the useful tips for it:

  • Ladies age below 40, can try several fabric options as well as color options with prints according to the type of occasion and style preferences.
  • For the ladies age above 40 years, it will be good to go with simple and classic looks of saree like cotton or Silk fabric.
  • It will not be good to go with the sarees having huge prints because the small prints will look more pretty and elegant.
  • The ladies having dark skin should not go with very bright white or neon colors. It will be better to go with the natural colors.

Always make sure to pick the right fabric and wear it properly and elegantly according to your body type to make it perfect for you.

Listed below are the top 15 best & famous saree brands in India:

1. BharatSthali Sarees

Bharatsthali, An online and offline store is your one-stop destination for saree shopping. Taking pride in offering you sarees sourced directly from the artists and weavers, this store is known for its fair-trade sarees and a wide range of sarees for every occasion. The store gives you saree that caters you well on the desk as well as to the drinks with the same aplomb.  Be it cotton, linen, Kanjivaram or banarasi, here are the sarees that are handcrafted and handpicked by the women staff to make your ethnic wardrobe even more enviable and turn you into a head turner! The silk sarees are certified with Silk Mark India by Government of India.

2. Nalli Silk Sarees

Nalli Silk Sarees

Nalli is one of the best and oldest silk sarees brands in the country, which was established way back in 1928, by Nalli Chinnasami Chetty in Chennai. This brand is famous for its silk and Kanjipuram sarees and has its branches all over the country. Nalli is a trusted name when you are looking for sarees for diverse occasions and tastes.

3. Ritu Kumar Sarees

Ritu Kumar Sarees

On number 2, we have Sarees from Ritu Kumar and the sarees of this specific brand is designed by the popular designer Ritu Kumar. She started her business in Kolkata with the bridal wear and today, the brand has shops across the country. The sarees are more focused towards the traditional prints and the fabric used to make the saree is of top quality. Many of the celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Kalki Koechlin, Priyanka Chopra and Princess Diana have been spotted in Ritu Kumar Sarees.

4. Meena Bazaar Sarees

Meena Bazaar Sarees

Another popular saree brand in the country is the Delhi based Meena Bazaar, the hub for traditional clothing for women, including sarees, suits, kurtis and lehangas. The brand store was established in Karol Bagh in 1970. It gives wide options to buyers, offering the finest quality at the most affordable prices. You can buy its sarees online too.

5. Sabyasachi Saree

Sabyasachi Saree

Today Sabyasachi Sarees are the most popular outfit for any wedding. The brand originated in Kolkata in around 2001. Since then, the brand had received a lot of positive feedback and the sarees are known for amazing hand work. The designs from Sabyasachi are a feature on many fashion shows and the saree sells for millions of Rupees. Sarees from Sabyasachi have also been used in Sanjay Leela Bhansali films, Raavan, English Vinglish and many other movies.Some of the celebrities like Rani Mukerji, Sridevi, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and Sushmita Sen had often been spotted in sarees from Sabyasachi.

6. Kalanjali Sarees

Kalanjali Sarees

The next name on the list is that of Kalanjali Sarees, a Hyderabad based company founded by Ramoji Group in 1992. The sarees showcased by Kalanjali include formal to casual wear sarees, including varieties such as banarasi, kota and Gadhwal sarees. Besides sarees, the brand furnishes art products like home décor, paintings, pottery and textiles.

7. Manish Malhotra Sarees

Manish Malhotra Sarees

Next on our list is Manish Malhotra Sarees and this is yet another designer brand on our list. The brand certainly needs to introduction because of the name that is associated with it. In addition to this, the brand has a turnover of over Rs 1 Billion. This label was launched in 2005 and since then it had been offering bridal collection along with men’s wear which is loved by every person.

8. Bombay Selections Private Ltd

Bombay Selections

The next name on the list of most famous saree brands in India is that of Bombay Selection Private Ltd, which offers a great variety in bridal, party wear, casual and traditional sarees, in addition to dress materials, salwar suits and lehangas. The brand entered the market in 1993 and has its exclusive showroom in Delhi.

9. Satya Paul

Satya Paul

A brainchild of the famous designer Satya Paul, this designer label in sarees was launched in 1985 and has its brand stores all over the country, where you can buy ethnic wear, sarees, scarves and designer bags too. The brand uses more of silk fabric and brings sarees in various price ranges.

10. Kalamandir


Kalamandir is another leading saree brands in the country, which manufactures sarees with diverse variety in terms of fabric used, such as kanjeevaram, chiffon, georgette and bandhej. The Hyderabad based brand was started in 2005 and sells mens wear and kids wear in addition to sarees.

11. Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani is another popular fashion designer who designs really elegant sarees and the sarees from this brand carries a modern yet traditional look. In recent years, the brand has also launched Bridal Collection which had been successful in grabbing public attention. Apart from sarees, Tarun is also known for his interior designs and he had designed many popular hotels and restaurants.

12. Kalaniketan


One of the oldest and trusted saree brands in India is Kalaniketan, which dates back to the year 1942. You can buy printed, party wear or bridal sarees from Kalaniketan. It also furnishes ethnic clothing for men and promises a blend of quality and affordability for the customer.

13. Deepam


Featuring next on the list of best saree brands in the country is Deepam, which has its roots in Bangalore. The brand specializes in party wear and bridal sarees, in silk and designer range. It also manufactures ethnic wear like lehangas and salwar suits.

14. Fab India

Fab India

Fab India is a brand from TATA, which manufactures sarees using natural fibers like cotton and silk. This designer brand is famous for designer wear for men and women, home décor, heath care products and handicrafts. Fab India sarees are popular for their elegance as well as uniqueness.

15. Gaurangi


This leading brand was started by popular designer Gaurang from Hyderabad and has its stores in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The brand deals in designer ethnic wear for both men and women. Sarees from Gaurang have a classy elegance and stylish appeal.

How to Wash Costly Sarees at Home?

You may be having a lot of costly sarees at home and you need to be very careful while washing them. You cannot wash the costly sarees in the same way you wash the cotton or other simple sarees. You will have to handle them with a lot of extra care. Some simple tips can help you in washing your costly sarees at home without any worries. So, here are the tips for you:

  • Whenever you are washing costly sarees, you need to make sure that you are using only cold water. You should take a bucket of cold water and add only a few drops of detergent to the water and soak it well before washing it. You should not use any detergent that has strong chemicals in it. You should only use mild detergent or baby shampoo is also a good choice for washing costly sarees.
  • You can also use the soap nuts for washing your costly sarees as they are 100 percent natural and will not cause any kind of harm to your saree. You will have to soak a few of them in hot water for a few hours and then remove the seeds. Then you need to squeeze the nuts so that all the soap is collected in the bucket. You can then dilute it with some cold water and then soak your saree for washing.
  • You should never be harsh on your saree. You can scrub them gently and make sure that the saree is not at all damaged.
  • You can also wash your costly sarees in the washing machine provided it has a delicate mode to select. You cannot wash them in other modes as they can cause damage to the saree. You should also not use the dryer while using the washing machine. You only need to wash and then dry it outside.
  • If there are any coffee or tea stains on the saree, you can make use of the vinegar for getting rid of them. You should take half cup of water and then mix it with half cup of water and then apply it on the affected area with help of a sponge.
  • If there are any sweat stains on the saree, then you will have to pat dry them with the help of a paper towel and soft cloth and then you will have to wash it off immediately. They are very stubborn and will not leave if you don’t clean them immediately.
  • If there is any food stain, then talcum powder is one of the best options that you can consider. You will have to sprinkle the powder on the strain and it will absorb all the oil from the food. Then you can use a sponge dipped in soap water for cleaning the food stain. The food stains are also very stubborn and hence you will have to make sure that you are cleaning them immediately if possible.

Final Words

Saree is one of the most beautiful traditional Indian wears that can perfectly enhance your look and beauty at any special occasion. In the market, you will find a wide range of designs and fabric options including silk, chiffon, cotton, tussar, Georgette, etc. Some other highly appreciated saree brands in India are Prafful, Parag, Ritu kumar and Sabhyasachi.

Saree FAQs

Q1. How do you drape a saree?

Ans: Draping a saree can be done in different ways depending on the region and personal preference. The most common method involves tucking one end of the saree into the waist and then wrapping it around the body, pleating it neatly, and securing it over the shoulder.

Q2. What is the significance of a saree?

Ans: Sarees hold cultural, traditional, and aesthetic significance in South Asian countries. They represent the rich heritage and diversity of the region. Sarees are worn on various occasions such as weddings, festivals, and formal events.

Q3. What fabrics are sarees made of?

Ans: Sarees can be made from a wide range of fabrics, including silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, satin, crepe, and many more. Each fabric has its unique texture, drape, and appeal.

Q4. Are there different types of sarees?

Ans: Yes, there are numerous types of sarees, each originating from different regions of South Asia. Some popular saree types include Banarasi sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees, Chanderi sarees, Bandhani sarees, Tussar silk sarees, and so on. Each type has its distinct weaving technique, design, and motifs.

Q5. How do you maintain a saree?

Ans: Proper care and maintenance can help extend the life of a saree. It is generally recommended to dry clean silk and other delicate sarees. Cotton sarees can be hand washed or machine washed gently. Storing sarees in a clean, dry place with proper folding or rolling techniques can also help prevent wrinkles and damage.

Q6. Can sarees be worn by anyone?

Ans: Yes, sarees can be worn by anyone who appreciates this beautiful garment, regardless of their cultural background. Sarees are often embraced by people from different countries and ethnicities for special occasions or as a fashion statement.

Q7. Where can you buy sarees?

Ans: Sarees can be purchased from various sources, including physical stores, online marketplaces, and boutiques.


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