Top 10 Best Test Tube Baby Centres in India

Remember the last time we came up with ‘Top 10 Best Surrogacy Centres in India’? Do you? If you haven’t given it a read, do glance your views down there too. Nevertheless, we hope to have helped out with that piece.

Today, we’d be looking to expand our introspective into another segment of assisted reproduction by tipping the ‘Top 10 Best Test Tube Baby Hospitals in India’ via this blog. The list looks into the best centers and hospitals across India that have been offering the boon of the child to the couples. After all, a child is every parent’s dream and that dream should be sodded.

Read along as we present our case.

10. Srushti Fertility Center

Let’s tick off our list with Srushti Fertility Center, a well-known center located in Chennai. The center offers services like IVF, assisted hatching, IUI, pre-genetic diagnosis along with donor and surrogacy programs.

The hospital has by far one of the top success rates as compared to other centers across India.


9. Indira Infertility Clinic and Research Center

One of the major names in the test tube baby clinics across India, Indira Infertility Clinic, and Research Center has been in existence since 1988. The hospital offers services in surrogacy and IVF treatment along with test tube baby specialization.

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The clinic also offers embryo freezing, tubal ligation and more on fertility treatments. It has quite a high success rate in assisting reproduction for couples.

Address- 9, South Patel Nagar, Near Patel Nagar Metro, Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110008
Phone No- 076650 09964

8. Bloom Fertility Center

One of the largest individually owned IVF unit in India, Bloom Fertility Center is the next one to feature on our list. It has its branches spread out across four cities in India namely Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.

The center assists in themechanical and chemical hatching of the egg along with services in vitrification, immune testing and more.


7. Virk Centre for Human Reproduction

Virk Clinic for Human Reproduction is located in Jalandhar, one of the fastest growing cities in India. The hospital is a recognized name when it comes to test tube baby clinics and surrogacy support.

It has around 72.54 % success rate in pregnancy via assisted reproduction. The hospital offers services for ICSI, IVF, IUI, sperm retrieval, egg hatching and more. The hospital is also the first one to be accredited by NABH.


6. Delhi Fertility and Hormone Center

Another of the major names in the test tube baby clinics in India, Delhi Fertility, and Hormone Center is placed next on our list. It has a state-of-the-art medical treatment facility offering assistance in multiple complications.

The hospital offers services for mobility problems, low sperm count, egg formation, polycystic ovary disorder and more.


5. Infertility India

A full-equipped test tube baby clinic and infertility center, Infertility India is the next one on the list. It’s a name that has garnered immense trust over the years. The hospital has been serving the patients since the last 20 years with distinction.

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It has around five branches spread in New Delhi, Nerul and Mumbai. The hospital specializes in assisted reproduction via artificial insemination egg donation, IUI, IVF, semen banking, laser assisted egg hatching and more.


4. Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital

One of the renowned IVF treatment facility in the nation, Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital is ranked at fourth on our list. It has a professional team of acquaintances offering various infertility treatments.

It also offers Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) along with surrogacy for the child-seeking couples. The hospital has a state-of-the-art fertility enhancing laparoscopic surgeries, ovulation induction, donor egg program and more.

Phone No-022 2576 3300 / 3333

3. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

One of the top rated hospitals in Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram is one of the best test tube baby clinics running in the nation. It has an experienced team of agynecologist, embryologist, fertility nurses and more providing treatment.

Furthermore, it offers services like tubal surgery, ovarian drilling, egg retrieval, laser assisted egg hatching, embryo transfer and more.


2. Max Healthcare

Ranked at second on the list is Max Healthcare, a premier frontrunner in offering test tube bay centers in India. It has one of the best services in assisting infertility and reproduction for couples seeking the need.

The hospital is a Super Specialty one with aworld-class team of medical professionals providing assisted hatching for egg and sperm fertilization outside of the body. It offers treatments like optical spindle technique, blastocyst transfer, and surgical sperm retrieval.

Address- Head Quarter- New Delhi

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1. Apollo Hospitals Centre for Assisted Reproduction

Apollo Hospital, guess it needs no introduction. Nevertheless, we’d still love to share a few words on this one. Apollo Hospitals Centre for Assisted Reproduction is a known name under the tutelage of Apollo Hospital.

It stands the first on the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in India. The center has been helping couples in a conceiving child. It has quite a high success rate when it comes to test tube baby treatments. The team of medical professionals features Andrologists, Embryologist, Gynecologist, and Ultrasonographers.


We guess the list incorporated what you’d been looking for. Share the words and let every couple or the needy parents have a glance at it. Let them seek their dream of a child with these top test tube baby clinics.


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